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Ontos, 2009 - Philosophy - 422 pages
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Alexander Pfnders classical phenomenological logic, a masterworkof unmatched clarity, is presented here for the first timein English. The book unfolds the general essence of logic, itsobject, not acts of thinking but objective "thoughts", meaningsand higher unities formed by them: the nature and kinds (1)of judgments (propositions) and their truth and truth claims,(2) of concepts, and (3) of inferences; (4) the first foundationalprinciples of logic (the principles of identity, contradiction,excluded middle, and sufficient reason) and of valid inferences,their foundation in ontological principles, as well as the validforms of reasoning recognized in traditional logic and the reasonsof their validity. Being a new phenomenological expositionof traditional logic, it reduces the symbolic language used to aminimum in order to concentrate on the logical meanings andlaws themselves for which these symbols are signs.

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