"Our County and Its People": A History of Hampden County, Massachusetts, Volume 1

Front Cover
Alfred Minott Copeland
Century Memorial Publishing Company, 1902 - Hampden County (Mass.)

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Page 236 - It shall be the duty of the president, professors, and tutors of the University at Cambridge, and of the several colleges, and of all preceptors and teachers of academies, and all other instructors of youth, to exert their best endeavors to impress on the minds of children and youth committed to their care and instruction the principles of piety, justice, and a sacred regard to truth, love to their country, humanity and universal benevolence, sobriety, industry and frugality, chastity, moderation...
Page 29 - ... to enact, constitute, and frame such just and equal laws, ordinances, acts, constitutions, and offices, from time to time, as shall be thought most meet and convenient for the general good of the colony, unto which we promise all due submission and obedience.
Page 75 - Farm, at Cambridge and marched to Lexington, where they found a Company of our Colony Militia in arms, upon whom they fired without any provocation, and killed six men and wounded four others.
Page 236 - ... to exert their best endeavors to impress on the minds of children and youth committed to their care and instruction the principles of piety and justice and a sacred regard to truth ; love of their country, humanity, and universal benevolence; sobriety, industry, and frugality; chastity, moderation, and temperance ; and those other virtues which are the ornament of human society and the basis upon which a republican Constitution is founded...
Page 465 - The Grand Lodge of the Most Ancient and Honorable Society of Free and Accepted Masons for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
Page 96 - Shays, who was at the head of about twelve hundred men, marched yesterday afternoon about 4 o'clock toward the public buildings in battle array. He marched his men in an open column by platoons. I sent several times by one of my aids and two other gentlemen, Capts.. Buffington and Woodbridge, to him to know what he was after or what he wanted. His reply was he 'wanted barracks, barracks he would have and stores.
Page 75 - Bissel, is charged to alarm the country quite to Connecticut ; and all persons are desired to furnish him with fresh horses, as they may be needed. I have spoken with several, who have seen the dead and wounded. Pray let the Delegates from this Colony to Connecticut see this, they know Col. Forster, one of the Delegates.
Page 272 - The establishment of the Board of Education seems to be the commencement of a system of centralization and of monopoly of power in a few hands, contrary, in every respect, to the true spirit of our democratic institutions; and which, unless speedily checked, may lead to unlooked-for and dangerous results.
Page 236 - ... it shall be the duty of such instructors to endeavor to lead their pupils, as their ages and capacities will admit, into a clear understanding of the tendency of the above-mentioned virtues to preserve and perfect a republican constitution, and secure the blessings of liberty, as well as to promote their future happiness, and also to point out to them the evil tendency of the opposite vices.

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