Mahomet: Founder of Islam

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Dodd, Mead, 1916 - Islam - 345 pages

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Page 37 - In reply to the questions of his companions, he said : " This is the grave of my mother ; the Lord hath permitted me to visit it, and I asked leave to pray for her, and it was not granted. So I called my mother to remembrance, and the tender memory of her overcame me, and I wept.
Page 323 - They take their priests and their monks for their lords, besides God, and Christ the son of Mary; although they are commanded to worship one God only: there is no God but he; far be that from him, which they associate with him!
Page 75 - Verily we have caused it (the Quran) to descend on the night of power. " And who shall teach thee what the night of power is ? " The night of power excelleth a thousand months ; " Therein descend the angels and the spirit by permission " Of their Lord in every matter ; " And all is peace till the breaking of the morn.
Page 239 - It was he Who restrained their hands from you, and your hands from them, in the valley of Mecca; after that he had given you the victory over them: and God saw that which ye did.
Page 168 - Prophet as he gazed on it in exaltation ; " it is more acceptable to me than the choicest camel in all Arabia.
Page 247 - God was well pleased with the believers when they were swearing fealty to thee under the tree, and He knew what was in their hearts...
Page 215 - Keep thy wife to thyself, and fear God; " and thou didst hide in thy mind what God would bring to light.2 and thou didst fear man; but more right had it been to fear God. And when Zaid had settled concerning her to divorce her, we married her to thee, that it might not be a crime in the faithful to marry the wives of their adopted sons, when they have settled the affair concerning them. And the behest of God is to be performed.
Page 105 - worship any but the One God ; we will not steal, neither will ' we commit adultery, nor kill our children ; we will not ' slander in any wise; and we will not disobey the Prophet in
Page 188 - If a wound hath befallen you, a wound like it hath already befallen others: we alternate these days of successes and reverses among men, that God may know those who have believed, and that He may take martyrs from among you, — but God loveth not the wrongful doers — And that God may test those who believe, and destroy the infidels.
Page 152 - Come unto prayer, come unto salvation. God is great ; there is no God but Him.

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