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chabang. Branching into two or more points; forked as the tongue of a snake; the primary boughs or main branches of a tree; a kind of forked spear used as a weapon in war; Ht. Sh, Kub.; Ht. Mar. Mah.; division into peaks—of the summit of a mountain; division into branches—of the course of a river. BBsi tiga chabang: a trident; a triple fork; Ht. Abd., 310. Lidah berchabang bagai hiyawak: a tongue forked like that of a monitor lizard; insincere; treacherous; Prov.

Ch. pgrahu: the inner angles at the bow and stern of a native boat. Ch. buwaya: id. at the bottom of the boat.

Chabang is also the name given to a nipper placed on the nostrils of a buffalo calf to prevent its sucking. The word is also applied to a wing of a palace.

chabak. I. [Hind, id.] A goat-sucker, caprimulgus affinis.

II. A wound left by a piece of flesh having been torn or bitten off the body; cf. chabek.

chabek. The act of tearing; torn; rent; the

rent left by a piece of paper or cloth being torn off the edge of a larger piece. Sa-chabek: a tatter. Chobak-chabek: tattered and torn; in rags. Di-chabek-chabekkan-nya kain itu sadikiUdikit di-tabor-nya: he tore the cloth into shreds and scattered the fragments here and there on the ground; Ht. Mar. Mah. Cf. chabak, charek, chabir, robak, rabek, chobak and rabak.

chabok. I. Phagedena of the leg; festering ulceration of the lower limb; Ht. Raj. Don., 52.

II. Pers. A whip.

III. A fish (unidentified).

IV. A scarf worn by men; better sabok.

chabul. Offensive; unseemly or tactless language; loud behaviour; unseemly presumption; obscene conduct; rape; Sh. Bid. (Leyd.), 332. Ch. di-laut: remarks mal a propos; unlucky words which bring down a storm by offending the spirits of the sea. Ch. di-hutan: unlucky remarks made in the jungle. Gong ch,: a gong beaten to command silence. Pekirjaan ch.: insulting and indecent conduct—such as that of drunken sailors to women; Ht. Abd., 82. Berbnwat chabul didalam istana; to outrage the palace—i. e., by forcing a way in and violating the inmates; Ht. Hg. Tuw., 32. Menchabul istana: id.; Ht. Hamz., 67.

Saperti si-chabul hlndak minchapai bulan: like the low swaggerer who wished to seize the moon; foolish presumption; Prov., J. S. A. S., XL, 62. Saperti si-chabul hindak menchapaikan bulan : id.; Ht. Perb. Jay.

Menchabuli: to behave in an outrageous way; to use objectionable language; to commit rape; Sh. Bid.,* 57, 81.

^W chabai. [Skr. chawi, chawyaf chawika.] Long * * * pepper, piper longnm.

Ch. hutan: a wild pepper, piper carinum.

Ch. pintal or ch. tali: the capsules used in native medicine; helicteres isora.

Siapa makan chabai iya-lah merasa4ah pedas: whoever eats pepper will also feel his mouth smarting; a man cannot evade the consequences of his own acts; J. S. A. S., IL, 140.

,-iW chabi. I. A shell-fish (unidentified), C.

- * * and S.

II. [Hind, charbi.] Grease for lubricating machinery or brass work. Also cherebi and charbi.

III. Hind. The bolt of an axle. Also chawi.

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chachat. A flaw; a defect; a small imperfection which detracts from what would otherwise be a perfect whole; the point in which anything falls short of the ideal.

Ch. chedera (Ht. Gul. Bak., 44; Sh. Sg. Kanch., 38), or simply chachat: a slight injury which makes a person or object differ, however infinitesimally, from his, her or its condition before the injury occurred. Dibawa uleh Koris Mengindira kaluwar dari padang api itu9 suwatu pan tiyada apa chachat-nya: she was borne from the burning plain by Koris Mengindra without the slightest trace of injury—or, more idiomatically, without a hair of the head being injured; Ht. Koris.

chachar. I. An eruptive disease; a skin eruption, such as measles, chicken-pox or small-pox; cf. ketumbohan, from tumboh, q. v. Ch. aycr: a light eruption such as chicken-pox.

II. Menchachar; to dash about wildly from side to side, as a fugitive who loses his presence of mind from fear of his pursuer.

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•W chachang. Ch. laya*: an aquatic herb with

blue flowers, monochoria hastcefolia.

chaching. A worm; an earthworm; the generic name for worms. Kena chaching: to suffer from worms in the intestines. Sa-ekor chaching menelan naga: a worm has swallowed a dragon; an unequal marriage, or improper triumph of the mean over the great; Prov., Ht. Abd., 408. Chaching menjadi tdar naga: a worm has become a dragon; a man of low position and intelligence suddenly attaining a position of importance; a beggar on horseback; Prov., Ht. Abd., 4. Saperti chaching hena ayer panas: like a scalded worm; writhing under misfortune; Prov., J. S. A. S., XL, 60.

Ch. asal: an intestinal worm the issue of which from the body is believed to forebode death.

Ch. besar; a large white worm occasionally passed in stools.

Ch. gelang-gelang: a large red worm which is believed to make a noise like a cricket.

Ch. kerawit or ch. keruwit: intestinal worms in children. Ch. minyak : cheese mites. Ch. pipeh : the tapeworm.

Ch. rambu: worms in ulcers; maggots in sores.

Ch. roman> ch. rumi and ch. stmt; different forms of intestinal worms.

\>- chachap. A wash to make the hair glossy; * a hair-restorer.

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chachak. I. The act of fixing or planting

anything in the ground or in a hole or rest so as to give it an upright or erect position. Di-chachak-nya kayn kiri kanan kandang tin rapat-rapat: they planted rows of stakes to the right and left of the enclosure, each stake being close to the next; Ht. Abd., 72. Terchachak bagai lembeng tergadai: stuck up straight like a spear in pawn,—of a man looking uncomfortable and out of touch with those around him; Prov., J. S. A. S., III., 28. Masok terchachak, chabut terkulai: rigid when you put it on, loose when you take it off (a coat); Riddle.

Ranjau ch.: bamboo splinters or spikes used in a pitfall to injure or kill any animal caught in it.

Chachak lari: (slang) hasty secret flight; the disappearance of a defaulter. Cf. chabut lari, which, however, does not convey the idea of secrecy.

II. Burong chachak; the name of a very small bird; C. and S.

chachil. Small, relatively to the purpose or object for which anything is intended, as a horse which, however much above the average height, is smaller than another horse with which it is intended to be driven in double harness; too small.

chachau. Confusion, as the result of bad management on one's own part; throwing one's work into disorder by bad management; muddled; confused in one's acts or language; cf. kachau (which refers to one's work being confused by another person's interference). Penchachau: a charm or incantation for making a man give confused or contradictory evidence in a Court of Justice.

Chachah. I. The pricking of a pattern, e.g., on bread, pastry or fruit; design bypuncture or tattooing—as distinct from painting or carving. Berchachah: tattooed; Pel. Abd., 24. Cf. chachak.

II. A charm to bring about submission; see chacha I.

III. Jav. Enumeration; census.

IV. Jav. Chopping, mincing; Ht. Sh.

Chachi. Kayn ch.; a small piece of wood fitting into a loop at the outer extremity of the boom and used when it is desired to roll up the sail on the boom. Tali penchachi: the rope forming this loop; a loop at the point where the sail meets the outer extremity of the boom. Also achi-achi.

chadar. [Hind, chaddar; Pers. chadir.] A veil, rug or shawl made of some coarse material. Puttri itu memakai chadar; maka tiyada4ah mudah (melihat muka-nya): the princess wore a shawl and it was not easy (to see her face); Ht. Al., 13.

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chadang. Reliance, whether on an object or on a person; a stand-by in case of emergency; a reserve fund to meet any sudden demand. Ada-pim naga ini di-plrbuwatkan baginda di-chadangkan putlri baginda itu bersuwami: the king had this (golden) dragon constructed with a view to its being used in the event of his daughter's marriage; Ht. Koris.

Terang bulan terang ka-paya
Budak-budak bermain rakit;

Chadang jangan kapada sehaya
Jaith beda bukan sadikit:

do not rely upon me as a stand-by; I am far from being one, very far indeed.

chadak. (Selangor.) Sloping, of masts.

Chad!. The outriggers of a native boat; KL, C. and S.

chara. Manner; custom; wise; after the manner of. Memakai chara jogi: to dress as a yogi; to put on the dress of a mendicant ascetic. Di-pakaikan-lah 'A bdn'l-kddir itu chara perempuwan: they dressed Abdulkader in women's clothes; Ht. Abd., 404. Di-masak chara Keling: cooked in Tamil style; Ht. Abd., 177. Bertanya chara China: to ask a question in Chinese; Ht. Abd., 310. Ubat chara Wolanda t Dutch medicine; Sh. Pant. Shi., n.

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charut. I. Foul, low, obscene, of language. Jangan di-chuchok orang yang latah di-sumpah charut bersengkarut: do not stir up a victim of latah, he will revile you in the filthiest way. Menyumpah charut-marnt: to use all sorts of obscene oaths; Sh. Panj. Sg.

Mencharut: to use filthy language.

II. A grass-cutting knife; KL, v. chertit.

Charang. The minor (tertiary) boughs and branches of a tree—the principal boughs being chabang and the secondary boughs dahan; the branches from which the leaf-bearing twigs directly grow; the spiky small branches which remain when a tree is stripped of leaves. Bercheranchangan saperti charang kayit matt: with points projecting in every direction like the dry branches of a dead tree; Pel. Abd., 50.

Charup. Mencharup: to lap up; better mencherup, from cherup, q. v.

charek. The act of tearing material (such as

paper or cloth) at the edge; the rent so left; (sometimes) the material torn off. The use of charek is, however, often limited to a rent at the edge where no material is torn away or lost. Charek baju raja di-lompati todak: the raja's coat was torn by the leap of the swordfish upon it; Sej. Mai., 83.

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Charek-charek : tattered, frayed; torn in many places; Ht. Kal, Dam., 101. Chorak-charek: id.; Ht. Ind. Nata.

Sa-charek: a rent; a piece torn off the edge of any material. Sir eh sa-charek: a quid of sireh leaf; Sej. Mai., 101.

Charekkan: to tear any material, to rend; Ht. Abd., 279. Mencharek : id.; Ht. Sh. Kub.

Mencharek-charek: to tear to pieces, to tear up (a letter); Ht. Ind. Nata. Mencharekcharekkan: id.; Ht. Sg. Samb.

charok. I. A runnel; a running ditch; the

source of a small stream, if on level ground; a small tidal inlet or stream.

II. The puncturing of a tree so as to allow of the sap running out; Pijn.

III. Gluttonous.

IV. (Johor.) A sprig; a freshly sprouting twig, the equivalent of tarok, when confined to uncut growths.

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Orang hutan masok ka-negeri, \

Pfa'ak changak kanan kiri: j

when jungle dwellers enter a village they cast | frightened glances to right and left of them. |

JipW- changok. Sitting with a curving neck—of! the attitude of a hawk on a bough. j

*\ •'

u3v>» chapa. I. A plant , the leaves of which are

? used in medicine, blumea bahamifera; Ht. |

Koris. j

II. The name of a game played by two j persons. Three holes are made in a row | along the ground and two balls are used.

jiW chapar. A wooden wash-tub; better chapah, \ 'q. v. j

i^W chapang. Wide, expanding—of buffalo horns j C * which do not curve quickly. j

0W chaping or chapeng. A metal plate or j tablet worn by very young female children to j conceal the nudities (also tampok ch.); the; iron moveable cover of a keyhole; the moveable covers of the lockers in the bows and stern of a boat. Tulang ch. : the xiphoid process; also tulang \

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idn hati and tulang sudu hati.

chapak. I. Negligence ; inattention ; underestimating the importance of anything; slighting ; contempt; inattention as the result of ignorance as well as of deliberate purpose. Di-changak sangat sudah-lah dada kelihatan: she paid no attention to the fact that her bosom was exposed (not knowing that there were male spectators present); Ht. Ind. Meng.

Sa-orang dagang sangat bongkak-nya
Negeri kita di-plvchapak-nya:

a stranger, puffed up with conceit, has treated this, our city, with disdain; Sh. Peng., 7.

A bang, well! jangan chapak permudah: oh, my brother, do not contemptuously make light of it; Sh. Sh. AL, 43.

II. Ancestors in the sixth generation; Kl.

chapek. I. Limping gait; halting as the result either of a strain, sore or permanent malformation; paralyzed, of the lower limbs. Rusa yang chapek: a limping deer; Ht. Kal. Dam. Orang but a dan chapek: the blind and the halt; Ht. Pg. Ptg.

Ch. riyoh: lame as the result of a broken bone which has not set properly; Sej. Mai., 134. Also (Kedah) ch. ruwit.

II. [Jav. and Sund.] Tired ; worn ; weary,

chapok. (Vulgar.) A certain very gross insult; a form of obscene conduct indulged in by an angry woman to express extreme contempt for any person or object.

Viu>» chapal. A shoe or sandal (from Palembang) consisting of a leathern sole with a band over the instep, and a thong passing between the big toe and its neighbour; Hr,. Abd., 231.

YiW chapul. (Kedah.) Loose careless language. * Jangcm chakap chapul di-snngai; bnwaya ganas: do not talk rashly near a river, alligators are daring; Prov. See chabuL

AiW chapah. A round unpainted wooden wash~ tub of Burmese make.

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chapai. The act of taking into the hand; getting a good grip of anything; grasping or seizing. Tiyada buleh chapai: beyond seizure—an expression used of objects out of reach without any special sense of taking into the hand. Di-pandang dekat di-chapai ta'~ buleh: in appearance close at hand, (in reality) beyond all reach; the heavens; Prov., J. S. A. S.? XXIV., 104. Pohun-nya tinggi tiyada buleh chapai: the tree was high and it (the flower) was out of reach; Ht. Koris.

Menchapai: to seize, grasp, or take into the hand. Maka tangan-nya menchapai duwa bitwah gunong yang besar-besar: his hand grasped two huge mountains; Ht. Sg. Samb. Si-chabul heudak niZnchapai btdan: the low swaggerer who wanted to seize the moon; presumption; Prov., v. chabul.

Ribu-ribu dann melampai,

Jatoh sa-kali di-pohun maja;

Maski sa-ribu hendak menchapai,

Tidak buleh di-dapat sShaja:

he needs must grasp a thousand things, he

cannot get a single one; Prov., Ht. Ind.

Meng. Cf. sampai, champai, ampai, etc.

lS\?- chakat. I. A shallow, a bank; better * changkat, q. v.

II. Chakat an: quickness; nimbleness; agility of movement.

III. [Skr. jagat.] The world; better jagat, q. v.

M>- chakar. I. A claw; a talon; the act of ** * clawing or scratching; scratching the ground with a rake; the results of clawing; scratches. Ch. ayam: (1) the marks left by fowls scratching up the soil in search of food—a simile for bad hand-writing; Ht. Abd., 39; (2) a kind of cake make of nbi Medek, ttpong jawi, etc.

Ch. balar: (Riau, Johor) scratched and scarred in all directions—as a man who has had to force his way through prickly undergrowth in the jungle; Ht. Abd., 342. Also (Kedah) ch. bara.

Ch. bebek, ch. itek or tapak itek: a weed, cotyledon laniata?

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chakang. Stretched out in the shape of a small arc of a very large circle, as the horns of some buffaloes, or as the claws of an angry crab, or as a log of wood or plank which does not curve sufficiently to allow of its being used as the rib of a boat; cf. chekang and chapang.

chakap. Able; competent; ability; to guarantee the ability of accomplishing anything—hence, to undertake, and (most common) to talk. Chakap-nyapun berlebeh-lebehan: their talk is self-praise; Ht. Abd., 4.

Terlangsong perahu, buleh balek;
Terlangsong chakap, to?-buleh balek:

a ship once launched may return (to the building yard), but a word once uttered cannot be recalled; Prov.

Ch. angin: empty boasting.

Chakapkan: to utter; to undertake,

Berchakap: to be talking; to be engaged in conversation.

Perchakapan: words, utterances.

chakup. Catching in the open mouth as a dog catches a piece of biscuit thrown to it; cf. chBkup and tangkup.

chakok. L Slight (as opposed to deep ) notches or indentations in the bark or trunk of a tree; cf. takok.

II. (Kedah.) Curving; a blow given at a curve, e. g., with a gaff or hoe. Golok ch. : a curved chopper. Laksana binatang gajah, mati di-chakok best kuwasa: like an elephant, killed by a blow from the ankus; (Pantun).

chakah. Wide, of an angle; forming an obtuse or very open angle, as a man's legs when he is taking long strides or as the blade of a changkul when it slopes forward and forms an obtuse angle with the handle, Cf, chakang and kopit.

chagut. A single peck of a fowl; a single * tug of a fish at a line.

JiW chagar. I. Relying, trusting; a stand-by,

"(cf. chadang); (Malacca) a form of mortgage

by which the mortgagee is put in posession

of landed property and receives the rents in

lieu of interest on the sum lent.

II. A rapid.

JpW chagak. The mounting of a Ida or swivelgun; the swivel or elevating rod upon which a gun of this sort rests; Pel. Abd., 7, 69; Ht. Raj. Don., 16.

&\&~ chagu. A disease of the toes.

C*JW chalat. To draw the skin forward preparaT tory to circumcision.

C^)\>. chalit. The act of smearing or smudging, ? either by dipping one's finger in dirt or ink and passing it over anything of the nature of cloth or paper, or by passing the finger over a drop of moist dirt or ink on paper and so causing it to spread; cf. palit.

Sudah regang jangan di-lilit
Taknt putus tali puncha;

Huruf renggang daw at terchalit

Tulisan changkis susah membacha:

with the letters wide apart, with the ink all smudged, with the writing all uneven it is difficult to read.

Penchalit; a kind of chisel for smearing solder on metal work.

jiW- chalar. A long scratch on the skin; a linear ? scratch. BercJialar: scratched. Cholar-chalar: cross scratches or cuts made in bleeding or for opening up a boil or abscess.

chalus. Slipped off; loosened, of string.

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