Greece, Macedon and Persia

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Timothy Howe, Erin Garvin, Graham Wrightson
Oxbow Books, Mar 12, 2015 - History - 168 pages
Greece, Macedon and Persia contains a collection of papers related to the history and historiography of warfare, politics and power in the Ancient Mediterranean world. The contributions, written by 19 recognized experts from a variety of methodological and evidentiary perspectives, show how ancient peoples considered war and conflict at the heart of social, political and economic activity. Though focusing on a single theme – war – the papers are firmly based in the context of the wider social and literary issues of Ancient Mediterranean scholarship and as such, consider war and conflict as part of a complex matrix of culture in which historical actors articulate their relationships with society and historical authors articulate their relationships with history. The result is a rich understanding of Ancient World history and history-writing. The volume is presented in honour of Waldemar Heckel, a foremost scholar of Alexander the Great and ancient warfare.


Waldemar Heckel Bibliography
Resistance false identities
Clausewitz and Ancient Warfare
Thucydides and the Failure in Sicily
Women and Symposia in Macedonia
Infantry and the Evolution of Argead Macedonia
Equine Aspects of Alexander the Greats Macedonian Cavalry
Macedonian Armies Elephants and the Perfection of Combined Arms
Riots for rewards and verbal protests
Arrian and Roman Military Tactics Alexanders campaign against

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About the author (2015)

Timothy Howe is Professor of History and Ancient Studies at St Olaf College (USA) and Associate Field Director of the Antiochia ad Cragum Archaeological Project in Southern Turkey. He specialises in Mediterranean agriculture and trade, Alexander the Great, ancient Mediterranean warfare, and Greek and Latin historiography.

Erin Garvin is Lecturer in Classics and History at the University of Alberta (Canada). his wide ranging research interests include archaic and classical Greek history (political theory; politics, science and religion; philosophy, mythology and anthropology of institutions), historiography, Pre-Islamic Persian history, roman history and historical method and theory

Graham Wrightson is Assistant Professor of Ancient Greek Military History at South Dakota State University (USA). His research interests focus on ancient warfare and military, in particular ancient Greek military history (Alexander and his successors) and the Crusades, as well as medieval history and medieval England.

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