Massachusetts Reports, Volume 129

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Page 316 - ... their own, or held by them in trust, or on commission, or on joint account with others, or sold but not delivered, contained in
Page 585 - While we unhesitatingly admit that a state may pass sanitary laws, and laws for the protection of life, liberty, health or property within its borders; while it may prevent persons and animals suffering under contagious or infectious diseases, or convicts, etc., from entering the state ; while, for the purpose of self-protection, it may establish quarantine and reasonable inspection laws, it may not interfere with transportation into or 'through the state, beyond what is absolutely necessary for...
Page 522 - The provisions of a composition accepted by such resolution in pursuance of this section shall be binding on all the creditors whose names and addresses and the amounts of the debts due to whom are shown in the statement of the debtor produced at the meeting at which the resolution shall have been passed, but shall not affect or prejudice the rights of any other creditors.
Page 495 - And no subject shall be arrested, imprisoned, despoiled, or deprived of his property, immunities, or privileges, put out of the protection of the law, exiled, or deprived of his life, liberty, or estate, but by the judgment of his peers, or the law of the land.
Page 510 - There is a finding of facts upon which a review can be had in the Supreme Court of the United States by writ of error to the Oklahoma supreme court, where the latter court states in its opinion that on a prior appeal it had made "a full statement and findings of facts...
Page 599 - ... months after the end of the term at which the judgment was rendered ; and if the clerk, after beginning to enter a judgment as aforesaid...
Page 264 - ... other than to or for the use of father, mother, husband, wife, children and lineal descendants born in lawful wedlock...
Page 264 - Giving an adopted son a right to inherit does not make him a son in fact. And he is so regarded in law, only to give the right to inherit.
Page 273 - The agents who are charged with the duty of supplying safe machinery are not, in the true sense of the rule relied on, to be regarded as fellow-servants of those who are engaged in operating it. They are charged with the master's duty to his servant.
Page 345 - in case differences shall arise touching any loss or damage, after proof of these has been received in due form, the matter shall, at the written request of either party, be submitted to impartial arbitrators...

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