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Scribner and Welford, 1882 - 75 pages
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Page 57 - Come one, come all! this rock shall fly From its firm base as soon as I." Sir Roderick marked, — and in his eyes Respect was mingled with surprise, And the stern joy which warriors feel In foemen worthy of their steel.
Page ii - Illustrated Dictionary (An) of Words used in Art and Archaeology. Explaining Terms frequently used in Works on Architecture, Arms, Bronzes, Christian Art, Colour, Costume, Decoration, Devices, Emblems, Heraldry, Lace, Personal Ornaments, Pottery, Painting, Sculpture, &c., with their Derivations. By JW MOLLETT, BA, Officier de 1'Instruction Publique (France) ; Author of " Life of Rembrandt,
Page ii - Fra Bartolommeo," &c. Illustrated with engravings of the marble Pulpit of Pisano, the bronze Gate of the Baptistery at Florence, by Ghiberti ; the " St. George " of Donatello, and ten other examples of the sculptor's art. OVERBECK. By J. BEAVINGTON ATKINSON. Comprising his early years in Lubeck, Studies at Vienna, Settlement at Rome, and the Rise of the New School of Christian Art. His works at Assisi, Frankfort, and Cologne. Illustrated with eight Engravings after some of his most noted paintings,...
Page 77 - Engravings. RAPHAEL. From the text of JD PASSAVANT. By N. D'ANVERS, Author of
Page ii - Murillo. By ELLEN E. MINOR. A Memoir derived from Recent Works. Illustrated with eight Engravings after the Master's celebrated Paintings, including .the Immaculate Conception, in the Louvre — The Prodigal Son, at Stafford House — The Holy Family (with the scodella), at Madrid— A Portrait of the Artist— and other Works.
Page ii - Artists' most popular works, and Portraits of the Painters. In preparation, ROUSSEAU and MILLET. By WE HENLEY, Author of ' Millet : a Memoir.' Illustrated with Engravings. In preparation. CORREGGIO. By M. COMPTON HEATON. Illustrated with Engravings from La Notte, II Giorno, and other paintings. In preparation. MEISS " The whole world without Art would be one great wilderness.
Page 77 - ILLUSTRATED BIOGRAPHIES OF THE GREAT ARTISTS. '"THE intention of the projectors of this Series has been to produce, -- in an easily accessible form and at a price within reach of every one, the results of the recent investigations which have been made by many well-known English writers, as well as the critics of Germany and the Netherlands. Each volume is fully illustrated; but as...
Page 30 - The Bravos, which M. Gautier describes as one of the most important compositions of the master, containing a whole drama in two figures, was in the International Exhibitions of Paris in 1855 and of London in 1862. It represents two murderers, in an attitude of strained suspense, waiting for their victim to emerge from a door in front of them. It was exhibited in the collection of Sir Richard Wallace, at the Bethnal Green Museum, in 1872. I have before me the photograph of a Ghess-Players, signed...
Page 34 - To cover M. Meissonier's pictures with gold pieces simply, would be to buy them for nothing ; and the practice has now been established of covering them with bank notes. Messieurs Chavet, Fauvelet, 1 " Voyage a travers 1'Exposition des Beaux Arts, 1855." Edmond About. Plassan and Andrieux follow 'spiritually' the manner of M. Meissonier. Their pictures do not sell badly, and in a short time no others will be saleable, for life is drawing in its limits, and apartments are growing smaller every day....
Page 78 - HOLBEIN. From the text of Dr. A. WOLTMANN. By JOSEPH CUNDALL, Author of " Life and Genius of Rembrandt." With 20 Engravings. THE LITTLE MASTERS OF GERMANY. By WB SCOTT, Author of

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