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THE ASTONISHING HYPOTHESIS: The Scientific Search for the Soul

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It's exactly 40 years since Watson and Crick published their landmark double-helix papers in Nature, setting biology on a revolutionary course. In the meantime, Watson has continued to reign supreme ... Read full review

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The bulk of the book is spent on describing how the brain, step by step, processes the information that the retina provides into the 3-dimensional 'motion picture' we observe, and which parts of the ... Read full review

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Francis Crick (who discovered the structure of DNA with James Watson) presents the evidence for "The Astonishing Hypothesis" that the human mind and soul are no more than emergent properties of the ... Read full review

The astonishing hypothesis: the scientific search for the soul

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Nobel Prize winner Crick, who with James D. Watson discovered the molecular structure of DNA, considers the nature of human consciousness, focusing in particular on visual consciousness in an explanation of how the brain "sees.'' Read full review

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Not all that astonishing - I really expected more. Read full review