The nine books of the History of Herodotus, tr. from the text of T. Gaisford, with notes and a summary by P.E. Laurent

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Page 428 - his days Pharaoh-nechoh king ' of Egypt went up against the ' king of Assyria to the river ' Euphrates ; and king Josiah ' went against him, and he ' slew him at Megiddo when ' he had seen him :
Page 22 - Aaron the priest, that he take up " the censers out of the burning, and " scatter thou the fire yonder; for they " are hallowed." " The censers of the sinners against
Page 22 - Then the king and all the people " offered sacrifices before the Lord." " And king Solomon offered a sacri" fice of twenty and two thousand " oxen, and an hundred and twenty " thousand sheep.
Page 22 - broad plates for a covering of the " altar." The censers had probably run together, and the similarity is very striking.
Page 449 - fury upon Sin, the strength " of Egypt ; and I will cut off " the multitude of No.
Page 99 - They manage, in my opinion, more cleverly than the Greeks, inasmuch as the latter insert an intercalary month every third year on account of the seasons; whereas the Egyptians, making all their months of thirty days, add to every
Page 54 - her at his return, the woman, seeing him thus unexpectedly, spoke to him the first, and asked wherefore Harpagus had sent for him in such haste. " Wife," said he, " when I reached the city, I beheld and " heard such things as I wish I had never seen and had never " happened to our masters. The whole house of Harpagus
Page 157 - the first that laid down the principle of the immortality of the human soul; and that, when the body is dissolved, the soul enters into some other animal which is born at the same time ; and that, after going the round of all the animals that inhabit the land, the waters, and the air, it again enters the body of a
Page xviii - for granted that they acted from the pure and praiseworthy desire of putting down tyranny : it is to be hoped, for the honour of human nature, that such was really the case.
Page 110 - Then disembarking, you will perform a journey of forty days on the bank of the river; for in this part of the Nile sharp rocks rise above the water, and many shoals are met with, among which it is impossible to navigate. Having

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