Super IQ Tests

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Sterling, 2000 - Psychology - 96 pages
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How smart are you? Take 22 fun and challenging tests and you'll know if your IQ is really super. Start with these: 1. In how many ways can you make change for $3.00, using combinations of only dimes and/or nickels? 2. Change one letter in each word below to make a new word. The five new letters, in order, form a word. What is this five-letter word? PROPANE REDNESS IMPRESS REVERIE NOUGAT 3. What four-letter word completes this analogy? PULP is to PUMP as BURY is to ________. Answers: 1. 31 ways. Ignore the nickels. You can use any amount of dimes 0 to 30 dimes, filling in the remaining amount with nickels. 2. FRESH. The new words are proFane, redRess, Empress, reverSe, and nougHt. 3. BUSY. Move the third letter one place forward in the alphabet. Moving L to M makes PULP into PUMP. Similarly, moving R to S makes BURY into BUSY. The author lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 96 pages, 8 x 10.

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