Report on the Tenth Revision of Settlement

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Page 307 - Extract from the Proceedings of the Government of India, in the Revenue and Agricultural Department, dated Simla, the 5th October, 1881.
Page 78 - ... then and are still held free of revenue. The revenue of four villages of the second settlement and of three villages of the third settlement cannot now be traced. 4,441 acres were farmed for arrears of land-revenue during the currency of the past settlement, and 2,926 acres were sold, aggregating 11 per cent, of the total area and 14 per cent, of the revenue. Much of this was due to the difficulty found in borrowing...
Page 305 - Ordered also that a copy (with copy of report) be forwarded to the Secretary to the Government of India, Home, Revenue and Agricultural Department, with the recommendation that the settlement of the Cawnpore district be confirmed as proposed.
Page 305 - Provinces and Oudh. ORDER. — Ordered that a copy of the Resolution be forwarded to the Secretary to the Board of Revenue, North-Western Provinces, for the information of the Board, with reference to his letter No.
Page 297 - The district had been heavily assessed before, and cruelly treated by previous Revenue Officers. " Forced transfers of property to unwilling purchasers and mortgagees, forced loans extorted from recusant bankers, forced labour required for the cultivation of Mauzas [villages] which from abandonment had fallen into the management of public officers, were among the practices resorted to.
Page 135 - It possesses 29 per cent of the total area and 28 per cent of the total inhabitants of the United States.
Page 303 - Markham was as follows:—He first ascertained a general average rent per acre of cultivated land from an analysis of all money-leases of villages and other sources. He also prepared tables of the estimated outturn of each class of crop from each class of soil, and turned the landlords
Page 16 - I asked for them in the forenoon, and got them in the afternoon ; and I do not believe that he would have done so if he could. 151. I also directed my Deputy Collectors to employ themselves in inquiries as to produce at all times. 152. I give in the annexed table, in contiguous columns, the results of my own oral...

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