St. Nicholas, Volume 36

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Scribner & Company, 1909 - Children's periodicals
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Page 1096 - And it came to pass, as he sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, . and brake, and gave to them. And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight.
Page 896 - Ulysses, I believe you are going to receive the appointment." "What appointment?" I inquired. " To West Point ; I have applied for it." " But I won't go,
Page 1085 - I AM monarch of all I survey, My right there is none to dispute ; From the centre all round to the sea I am lord of the fowl and the brute.
Page 825 - While my father carried on the manufacture of leather and worked at the trade himself, he owned and tilled considerable land. I detested the trade, preferring almost any other labor ; but I was fond of agriculture, and of all employment in which horses were used. We had, among other lands, fifty acres of forest within a mile of the village. In the fall of the year choppers were employed to cut enough wood to last a twelvemonth. When I was seven or eight years of age, I began hauling all the wood...
Page 804 - I was determined," he used to say, "to see how all looked, as they signed what might be their death warrant. I placed myself beside the Secretary, Charles Thomson, and eyed each closely as he affixed his name to the document. Undaunted resolution was displayed in every countenance.
Page 800 - It is pleasant to know that he lived to repair the damage done by his enemies. Abraham Clark was one of those who were eager for independence, and he did all in his power to secure it for his country. (3) Francis Hopkinson was a fine student and a member of the first class that the University of Pennsylvania ever graduated. No noisy fun for him, for, as Dr. Benjamin Rush quaintly says of him, "his wit was mild and elegant and infused cheerfulness and a species of delicate joy into the hearts of all...
Page 898 - OURS. Over the river we are shown the dwelling-house of Arnold — that BASE and HEARTLESS traitor to his country and his God. I do love the PLACE — it seems as though I could live here forever, if my friends would only come too. You might search the wide world over and then not find a better. Now all this sounds nice, very nice; what a happy fellow you are, but I am not one to show false colors, or the brightest side of the picture, so I will tell you about some of the DRAWBACKS. First, I slept...
Page 1096 - But they constrained him saying, Abide with us; for it is toward evening, and the day is far spent.
Page 825 - Papa says I may offer you twenty dollars for the colt, but if you won't take that, I am to offer twenty•two and a half, and if you won't take that, to give you twenty-five.
Page 670 - We have a secret, just we three, The robin, and I, and the sweet cherry tree; The bird told the tree, and the tree told me, And nobody knows it but just us three.

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