Year Book of the Holland Society of New-York

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The Secretary, 1894 - Dutch
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Page 225 - No one shall be eligible as a member unless he be of full age, of respectable standing in society, of good moral character, and the descendant in the direct male line of a Dutchman who was a native or resident of New York or of the American colonies prior to the year 1675. This shall include those of other former nationalities who found in Holland a refuge or a home, and whose descendants in the male line came to this country as Dutch settlers, speaking Dutch as their native tongue. This shall also...
Page 177 - Better to stem with heart and hand The roaring tide of life, than lie, Unmindful, on its flowery strand, Of God's occasions drifting by ! Better with naked nerve to bear The needles of this goading air, Than, in the lap of sensual ease, foreg« The godlike power to do, the godlike aim to know.
Page 196 - WE, WILHELMINA, By the Grace of God, Queen of the Netherlands, Princess of Orange-Nassau, etc...
Page 184 - Do unto others as ye would that they should do unto you " ? This was the doctrine of Lao-tsze.
Page 150 - It is well in this material age, when we are dwelling so much upon posterity, not to be altogether oblivious to pedigree. It has been well said that he who does not respect his ancestors will never be likely to achieve anything for which his descendants will respect him. Man learns but very little in this world from precept ; he learns something from experience ; he learns much from example, and the " best teachers of humanity are the lives of worthy men.
Page 152 - It was developed by people who believed not in the " divine right of kings," but in the divine right of human liberty. If we may judge the future progress of this land by its progress in the past, it does not require that one should be endowed with prophetic vision to predict that in the near future this young but giant Republic will dominate the policy of the world. America was not born amidst the mysteries of barbaric ages; and it is about the only nation which knows its own birthday. Woven of...
Page 168 - With Nature's self He seemed an old acquaintance, free to jest At will with all her glorious majesty. He laid his hand upon "the Ocean's mane...
Page 225 - This shall also include descendants in the male line of Dutch settlers who were born within the limits of Dutch settlements, and the descendants in the male line of persons who possessed the right of Dutch citizenship within Dutch settlements in America, prior to the year 1675, also of any descendant in the. direct male line of a Dutchman, one of whose descendants became a member of this society prior to June 16 1886 Secretary, WM Meserole, 90 West St., New York, NY HUGUENOT SOCIETIES IN AMERICA,...
Page 193 - In naam van Hare Majesteit WILHELMINA, bij de gratie Gods, Koningin der Nederlanden, Prinses van Oranje-Nassau, enz., enz., enz. Wij EMMA, Koningin-Weduwe, Regentes van het Koninkrijk; Allen, die deze zullen zien of hooren lezen, saluut!
Page 147 - ... Your President has shown from the start this evening that he is determined to enforce discipline, totally regardless of previous acquaintance. He appears to have been in a Shakespearian mood to-night. He seemed to be looking at each one of these alleged speakers and saying of him: " Therefore, I'll watch him till he be dieted to my request and then I will set upon him." But he must remember that Shakespeare also said: "Dainty bits make rich the ribs, but bankrupt quite the wits.

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