Researches in the Highlands of Turkey: Including Visits to Mounts Ida, Athos, Olympus, and Pelion, to the Mirdite Albanians, and Other Remote Tribes : with Notes on the Ballads Tales, and Classical Superstitions of the Modern Greeks, Volume 2

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J. Murray, 1869 - Albanians
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Page 274 - In offices of tenderness, and pay Meet adoration to my household gods When I am gone. He works his work, I mine.
Page 194 - ... restoration of the persecuted Images. There was, therefore, a tacit compromise; nothing appeared but painting, mosaics, engraving on cups and chalices, embroidery on vestments. The renunciation of Sculpture grew into a rigid passionate aversion. The Greek at length learned to contemplate that kind of more definite and full representation of the Deity, or the saints, with the aversion of a Jew or a Mohammedan.
Page 39 - Greeks * usually chose for their towns, but the only situation in this region which will combine all the requisites they sought for; namely, a height overlooking a fertile maritime plain, — situated at a sufficient distance from the sea to be secure from the attacks of pirates, and furnished with a copious and perennial supply of water, — presenting a very strong and healthy position for the city; and for the citadel a hill...
Page 56 - So great is the distance that it is visible only at sunset, when the faintness of the light allows it to appear. From its isolated position it is a centre of attraction to the storms in the north of the ^Egean ; in consequence of which the Greek sailors have so great a dread of...
Page 173 - When they were gone, one of those who sat by told the king what the youngest of the three had done, and hinted that he must have had some meaning in accepting the wages given. Then the king, when he heard what had happened, was angry, and sent horsemen after the youths to slay them. Now there is a river in Macedonia to which the descendants of the Argives offer sacrifice as their saviour.
Page 54 - The buildings of the monasteries are, with the sole exception of Pompeii, the most ancient existing specimens of domestic architecture ; and within their walls the life of the Middle Ages is enacted before your eyes, with its manners and customs, dress, and modes of thought and belief, absolutely unchanged. And it is no slight addition to the pleasure of a visit, that, in passing from one monastery to another, you are surrounded by scenery certainly not surpassed, and hardly equalled, by any in Europe.
Page 376 - ... which it thus commands, while a river makes a bend under its walls. The site is now occupied by a walled Bulgarian village, the house of the chief man being placed at the angle which overlooks the river, and supported on high stone foundations. There can be little doubt that this place represents the important town of Stobi, which in Roman times was the meeting-point of four great roads ; one from the Danube by Scupi (Uskiub) ; another from Serdica, near the modern Sophia, to the north-east ;...
Page 55 - Xerxes' canal, the peninsula," says Mr. Tozcr (p. 53), "is in breadth about a mile and a half, and the ground is comparatively level ; but from this point it rises in undulations until it forms a steep central ridge, which runs like a backbone through the whole peninsula.
Page 55 - The peak itself,' says a recent visitor, ' is, from its height and solitary position, its conical form and delicate colour, a most impressive mountain. It rises several thousand feet above the region of firs in a steep mass of white marble, which, from exposure to the atmosphere, assumes a faint tender tint of gray, of the strange beauty of which some idea may be formed by those who have seen the dolomite peaks of the Tyrol. I have seen its pyramidal outline...
Page 79 - Alexandrinum, a kind of inlaid work in white marble, porphyry and verd antique ; and here and there are placed lecterns, elaborately decorated with mother-of-pearl and tortoise-shell. The stalls are ranged all round the sides, and are provided with misereres...

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