The Ignoramuses: A Travel Story

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Page 168 - ... minstrelsy, and was informed next day, by a voice from heaven, that there was no need for him to proceed with the sacred rite, as the church had been already consecrated by the powers of heaven, and by the presence of the Saviour ! The Pope pronounced this a true miracle, and, in consideration of it, granted plenary indulgence to all pilgrims who should repair to the shrine of Our Lady of the Hermits, in the words inscribed upon the church, " Hic est plena remissio peceatorum culp et a pœn.
Page 56 - Cortland, turning round from the window, where he was busily employed in scrutinizing the beautiful collection of jewels, just in time to see the back of the carriage as it rolled rapidly away. 2 a. H = b. o M U image of the photographs, and all the people took of their hats, and so did I.
Page 158 - ... but what do you think you would have done if you had heard those creeping, stealthy footsteps outside of your cave so late at night, in the lonely black Fiirstenwald?
Page 306 - Oblige me by dropping the subject," said his cousin shortly, with as much dignity as he could assume on so short notice...
Page 325 - Katherine, but it was as wet as if it had been fished out of the depths of the lake, and would be of no use to any one.
Page 367 - Round-eyes ?" he asked; and then, looking through the open door, he took in the situation at a glance. " Why, they are breaking the Sabbath all to flinders," said he, smiling down upon her, " aren't they ?"

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