Historical and descriptive records of the valley and the vicinity of the Passaic, past and present

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Page 108 - ... all and every person and persons that is, are or shall be reconciled to or shall hold communion with the See or Church of Rome, or shall profess the popish religion, or shall marry a papist, shall be excluded and be forever incapable to inherit, possess or enjoy the crown and government of this realm...
Page iv - I see the white sails on the main, I see, on all the strands, Old Europe's exiled households crowd, and toil's unnumbered hands — From Hessenland and Frankenland, from Danube, Drave, and Rhine, From Netherland, my sea-born land, and the Norseman's hills of pine, From Thames, and Shannon, and their isles — and never, sure, before, Invading host such greeting found upon a stranger shore.
Page 59 - Forasmuch as the uppermost Part of Rariton River is settled by persons whom (sic) in their Husbandry and manuring their land, forced upon quite different ways and methods from the other Farmers and Inhabitants of the County of Middlesex because of the frequent Floods that carry away their Fences on their Meadows the only arable Land they have and so by consequence their interest is divided from the other Inhabitants of said County.
Page 339 - Civil Judicature, or as deputies or assistants to have power to Vote in establishing Laws, and making or Repealing them, or to any Chief Military Trust or office. Nor shall any But such church members have any Vote in any such elections ; Tho...
Page 338 - River in the province of New Jersey, but such planters as are members of some or other of the Congregational Churches, nor shall any but such be chosen to magistracy or to carry on any part of civil judicature or as deputies or assistants to have power to vote in establishing laws and making or repealing them or to any chief military trust or office.
Page 213 - Earitan river, and extending westerly to a certain tree, marked with the letters LM, standing on the north side of a brook emptying itself into the said south branch, by an old Indian path to the northward of a line to be run northwest from the said tree to a branch of Delaware river, called Muskonetkong, and so down the said branch to Delaware river...
Page 421 - That in the eastern division, the county of Bergen shall begin at Constable's hook, and so run up along the bay and Hudson's river to the partition point between New Jersey and the province of New York ; and so run along the partition line between the provinces, and the division line of the eastern and western division of this province, to Pequaneck river; and so run down the said Pequaneck and Passaick river to the sound ; and so to follow the sound to Constable's hook, where it began.
Page 264 - There is a peculiar neatness in the appearance of their dwellings, having an airy piazza supported by pillars in front, and their kitchens connected at the ends in the form of wings. The land is remarkably level, and the soil fertile, and being generally advantageously cultivated, the people appear to enjoy ease and happy competency. The furniture in their houses is of the most ordinary kind, and such as might be supposed to accord with the fashion of the days of Queen Ann. They despise the superfluities...
Page 314 - Representatives, and by the authority of the same, that the said Province be divided into twelve Countys as...
Page 344 - Lands, &c., are thus solde and delivered for and in consideration of fifty doublehands of powder, one hundred barrs of lead, twenty axes, twenty coates, ten Guns, Twenty Pistolls, ten kettles, ten Swords, four blankets, four barrells of beere, ten paire of breeches, fifty knives, twenty howes, eight hundred and fifty fathom of wampum, two Ankers of Licquers, or something Equivalent, and three troopers Coates; these things are received, only a small remainder engaged to them by bill.

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