C̀uthbert Conny-catcher'.: The Defence of Conny-catching

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1592 - 65 pages
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Page 23 - twenty Nobles, and when they were in the country, sold the same Play to the Lord Admirals men for as much more. Was not this plaine Conny-catching Maister
Page 22 - get one penny. Why if such a man doth owe it you, (will some man say that knowes him) I durst buy the debt of you, let me gette it of him as I can: O saieth my budget man, I haue his hand and seale to shewe, looke here els, and with that pluckes out a
Page 3 - but would at my pleasure strippe them of all that they had. What bad woman was there about London, whose champion I would not be for a few Crownes, to fight, sweare and stare in her behalfe, to the abuse of any that should doo
Page 24 - of terryble Hacksters in the habite of Gentlemen, wel appareld, and yet some weare bootes for want of stockings, with a locke worne at theyr lefte eare for their mistrisse fauour, his Rapyer
Page 8 - by their wittes, and he is counted wisest, that hath the deepest insight into the getting of gaines: euery thing now that is found profitable, is counted honest and lawfull: and men are valued by theyr wealth, not by their vertues. Hee that cannot dissemble cannot liue, and men put their sonnes now a dayes Apprentises, not to learne trades and occupations, but craftes and mysteries.
Page 24 - of peace or other, or some other great man: and then they hold him at a bay with that, til his backe almost breake. Thus shift they from house to house, hauing this prouerbe amongst them: Such must eate as are hungry and they must pay that haue money. Call you not these Conny-catchers Maister
Page 5 - to haue about with this RG and to giue him such a veny, that he shalbe afrayd heereafter to disparage that mysticall science of Conny-catching: if not, and that I proue too weake for him in sophistrie, I meane to borrowe Will Bickertons blade, of as good a temper as Morglay King Arthures
Page vi - Note THE ORIGINAL of this text is in the Bodleian Library (Malone 575). A list of the misprints corrected in the text will be found on page 33. GBH To the Curteous Reader Health.
Page 27 - vnles he growe into the nature of a Cony-catcher? Doo not the Lawyers make long Pleaes, stand vpon their demurres, and haue their quirks and quiddities to make his poore Client a Cony? I speake not generally, for so they be the ministers of
Page 23 - how Ned Brownes wife was crossebitten in her owne Arte. BVt heere note (Gentlemen) though I haue done many sleights, and crossbitten sundry persons: yet so long goes the pitcher to the water, "\ that at length it comes broken home. Which prouerbe I haue

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