The Ohio Gazetteer, and Travelers Guide: Containing a Description of the Several Towns, Townships, and Counties ... ; Together with an Appendix Or ; General Register ...

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Isaac N. Whiting, 1841 - Ohio - 578 pages

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Page viii - ... to perform. The act of congress, providing for the admission of the new State into the Union, offered certain propositions to the people. These were, first, that section sixteen in each township, or, where that section had been disposed of, other contiguous and equivalent lands, should be granted to the inhabitants for the use of schools ; second, that thirty-eight sections of land, where salt-springs had been found, of which one township was situated on the Scioto, one section on the Muskingum,...
Page xii - State for a donation and sale of public lands lying upon and near the route of the proposed canal. In consequence of this restriction nothing was accomplished for two years. In 1822 the subject was referred to a committee of the House of Representatives. This committee recommended the employment of an engineer, and submitted various estimates and observations to illustrate the importance and feasibility of. the work. Under this act James Geddes, of New York, an experienced and skilful engineer, was...
Page x - He may, on extraordinary occasions, convene the General Assembly, and in case of disagreement between the two Houses, with respect to the time of adjournment, adjourn them to such time as he shall think proper, not exceeding four months.
Page 341 - Its grand object is the diffusion of useful science, sound morality, and pure religion, among the growing multitudes of the Mississippi valley. It aims also at bearing an important part in extending these blessings to the destitute millions which overspread the earth.
Page 377 - XX ranges of military or army lands north, and XXII ranges of congress lands south. In the western borders of this tract is situated the town of Columbus. French grant, a tract of 24,000 acres of land, bordering upon the Ohio river, in the southeastern quarter of Scioto county.
Page xviii - ... and terminate in Mexico. Various have been the conjectures of the learned concerning the time when, by what people, and even for what purpose, these stupendous monuments of human ingenuity were erected.
Page 343 - Sargeant, from the neighborhood of Salem, in Massachusetts, agents for the " Ohio company," so called, which had then been formed in Massachusetts, for the purpose of a settlement in the Ohio country. Only 964,285 acres were ultimately paid for, and of course patented. This body of land was then apportioned out into 817 shares, of 1173 acres each, and a town lot of one-third of an acre to each share.
Page xiv - Senator must be at least 30 years of age, and have resided two years in the district from which he is chosen. The General Assembly has the sole power of enacting all the state laws ; the assent or signature of the Governor not being necessary in any case whatever. 'The judiciary system comprises three several grades of courts...
Page xx - The number of their entrances or gateways varies in different forts from one to eight or more, in proportion to the plan of construction, and magnitude of the enclosure. The walls are, mostly, single; but, in a few instances, the forts have been found consisting of two walls parallel, and adjacent to each other. ' 'As to their local situation, it may perhaps, suffice to observe that they are, generally, situated on a comparatively elevated site of ground, adjoining a river or stream of water. Some,...
Page xxi - ... interior bourn of the ditch and the exterior base of the inner wall. Although this circumstance is far from being conclusive upon the subject; yet, the following fact almost infallibly proves this conjecture to be well founded. This is, that the interior wall is composed of clay, of which the inhabitants manufacture brick; whereas, the exterior circle is composed of dirt and gravel of a similar quality with that which composes the neighbouring ground.

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