American Journal of Physiology, Volume 25

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American Physiological Society, 1910 - Physiology
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Vols. for 1898-1941, 1948-56 include the Society's proceedings (primarily abstracts of papers presented at the 10th-53rd annual meetings, and the 1948-56 fall meetings).

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Page 43 - York city, he practised medicine until 1906, when he became head of the department of physiology and pharmacology of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research.
Page 125 - Wildt, ibid. 8: 266. combinations, whereas in several of the experiments described they were given as inorganic salts. Iron and phosphorus might be especially mentioned in this connection. 3. The physical character of the food, especially in respect to lack of bulk and irritating power in the digestive tract. 4. The sameness of the ration. 5. The psychical factor of palatability as influencing the intake and utilization of food. Concerning the two first-mentioned factors, it would seem that they...
Page 393 - ... readily exhausted. In bloodless amputations of the hip joints and other mutilating experiments, death was sometimes caused by respiratory failure. Almost every injury causing any effect on the circulation causes respiratory changes, usually more striking than the vascular, and, in many experiments, notably in the splanchnic area, respirations were more sensitive to irritation than was the circulation. In traumatisms of the brain, the respirations were strikingly more affected than the circulatory,...
Page 139 - The animal has the power to synthesize the purine bases necessary for its nuclein formation from some complexes con"tained in the protein molecule, and does not necessarily use ;purine bases of exogenous origin for this purpose.
Page 393 - ... the respiration failed first; respiration failed first in 90, the heart first in 4, and both simultaneously in 9. In many instances, the heart was beating strongly, and the blood pressure good at the time respiration failed. Artificial respiration was frequently required during the course of the experiments. The greater the extent of the dissection, and especially if dissection had been made in the thorax or the abdomen, respiration became more readily exhausted.
Page 330 - J., The effect of severing the vagi or the splanchnics or both upon gastric motility in rabbits 413.
Page 140 - GIES. (From the Laboratory of Biological 'Chemistry of Columbia University, at the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City.) I.
Page 110 - ... shaking produced by the respiratory movements is capable of causing some destruction of the ferments. Recent experiments by other investigators show also that other ferments may be inactivated by shaking . . . "The assumption is here made that the nature of the destruction of ferments is similar to that which takes place in the destruction of living cells, and that shaking affects a certain structure which is common to living cells as well as to red blood corpuscles and to ferments.
Page 139 - The failure of previous efforts to maintain animals on a mixture of relatively pure proximate constituents of our foodstuffs was due to the lack of palatability of such mixtures. " When sufficient care is given to changing the character and flavor of the food supplied in...

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