All about Hawaii: The Recognized Book of Authentic Information on Hawaii, Combined with Thrum's Hawaiian Annual and Standard Guide

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Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 1904 - Hawaii
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Page 92 - States," and for the enforcement of section 1 of the act approved May 25, 1900 (USC, title 16, sec. 701), entitled "An act to enlarge the powers of the Department of Agriculture, prohibit the transportation by interstate commerce of game killed in violation of local laws, and for other purposes," including all necessary investigations in connection therewith.
Page 6 - Tliis year there will be four Eclipses, two of the Sun and two of the Moon, and a Transit of Mercury over the Sun's disc.
Page 58 - ... dull as the drone of a bagpipe, and hardly more variable — as though they were insensible of the past, and indifferent to the future. When the slaughtering time arrived, one of them was placed under the legs of the idol, and the other two were laid, with the hogs and fruit, upon the altar-frame. They were then beaten with clubs upon the shoulders till they died of the blows. — This was told us by an eye-witness of the murderous spectacle.
Page 63 - An act for laying a duty on goods, wares, and merchandise imported into the United States," which contained the first provisions for the protection of American shipping.
Page 114 - Perreeoranee, who had stayed behind, would certainly visit us as soon as he heard of our arrival. We were much disappointed to find the water had a brackish taste for two hundred yards up the river, owing to the marshy ground through which it empties itself into the sea. Beyond this it was perfectly fresh, and formed a fine running stream, along the side of which I walked till I came to the conflux of two small rivulets, that branched off to the right and left of a remarkably steep and romantic mountain.
Page 74 - Koah began their office, chanting sometimes in concert and sometimes alternately. This lasted a considerable time; at length Koah let the hog drop, when he and the Captain descended together. He then led him to the images before mentioned, and, having said...
Page 6 - In the year 1914, there will be four eclipses, two of the Sun, and two of the Moon.
Page 75 - When this offering was concluded, which lasted a quarter of an hour, the natives sat down fronting us, and began to cut up the baked hog, to peel the vegetables, and break the cocoa-nuts, whilst others employed themselves in brewing the ava, which is done by chewing it, in the same manner as at the Friendly Islands.
Page 74 - Captain under this stand, took down the hog, and held it toward him ; and after having a second time addressed him in a long speech, pronounced with much vehemence and rapidity, he let it fall on the ground, and- led him to the scaffolding, which they began to climb together, not without great risk of falling. At this time we saw, coming in solemn procession, at the entrance of the top of the morai, ten men carrying a live hog, and a large piece of red cloth. Being advanced a few paces, they...
Page 63 - MADISON.—I take the liberty Mr. Chairman, at this early stage of the business, to introduce to the committee a subject, which appears to me to be of the greatest magnitude ; a subject, sir, that requires our first attention, and our united exertions.

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