Das indische Erbrecht

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Hölder, 1873 - Inheritance and succession - 189 pages
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Page 2 - The endless pursuit of exceptions and of limitations so disjoins the general precepts, that the reader cannot keep in view their intended connexion and mutual relation. He wanders in an intricate maze, and the clew of the labyrinth is continually slipping from his hands.
Page 76 - Yama's world; therefore they guard 65° their wives, fearing the seed of strangers. Carefully watch over (the procreation of) your children, lest stranger seed be sown on your soil. In the next world the son belongs to the begetter, an (imprudent) husband makes the (begetting of) children vain (for himself).
Page 122 - The form to be observed is this: At an auspicious time, the adopter of a son having bathed, addressing the person to be adopted, who has also bathed, and to whom he has given some acceptable chattel, says: 'Be my son'. He replies: 'I am become thy son.
Page 108 - When a woman has had one husband before, and gets another, if they present the aj'a panchaudana offering, they shall not be separated. 28. A second husband dwells in the same world with his re-wedded wife, if he offers the aja panchaudana, etc. xviii. 2, 23 : " Let thy soul (manas) go to its own, and hasten to the fathers.
Page 171 - ... 24. A woman's separate property (goes) to her unmarried daughters, and (on failure of such) to poor (married daughters). 25. The sister's fee belongs to her uterine brothers, if her mother be dead. 26. Some (declare, that it belongs to them) even while the mother lives. 27. The heritage of not reunited (brothers) de
Page 84 - That son's son shall receive his father's share from his uncle or from his uncle's son, and the same proportionate share -VI 1 ,1 . shall be allotted to all the brothers according to law.
Page 122 - ... 20. He (is called) an adopted son (datta) who, being given by his father and his mother, or by either of the two, is received in the place of a child. 21. He (is called) a son made...
Page 119 - Let no man give or accept an only son." Nor, though a numerous progeny exist, should an eldest son be given ; for he chiefly fulfils the office of a son, as is shown by the following text.
Page 139 - Lorsqu'il a déposé ces gâteaux sur des brins de l'herbe kousa avec la plus grande attention et suivant la règle, qu'il s'essuie la main droite avec des racines de cette herbe, pour la satisfaction de ceux qui partagent ces restes , savoir : le père, le grand-père et le bisaïeul de son bisaïeul paternel.
Page 95 - the girl who has no brother comes (back) to the males (of her own family), to her father (and the rest), returning she becomes their son

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