Hand-book of Artillery for the Service of the United States: (Army & Militia).

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Van Nostrand, 1863 - Artillery - 250 pages
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Page 256 - CSA" and the Battle of Bull Run. (A Letter to an English Friend.) By JG BARNARD, Major of Engineers, USA, Brigadier-General, and Chief Engineer, Army of the Potomac.
Page 264 - A Course of Instruction in the Elements of the Art and Science of War, for the Use of the Cadets of the United States Military Academy, West Point, NY 12mo, cloth $1 .75 Field Fortifications.
Page 182 - Grains 1 Dram. 16 Drams 1 Ounce. 16 Ounces 1 Pound. 28 Pounds 1 Quarter. 4 Quarters or 100 pounds 1 Hundred Weight 20 Hundredweight 1 Ton.
Page 177 - ADD into one sum, the areas of the. two ends, and the mean proportional between them...
Page 265 - The rebel authorities claim the right to send men, in the garb of peaceful citizens, to waylay and attack our troops, to burn bridges and houses, and to destroy property and persons within our lines. They demand that such persons be treated as ordinary belligerents...
Page 184 - ... suspended by a string which is not subject to stretch, and on which are marked the different required lengths, will answer the above purpose, may be easily acquired, and should be frequently compared with an accurate standard in the adjutant's possession.
Page 19 - The preponderance of the breech of the gun is the excess of weight of the part in rear of the trunnions over that in front : it is measured by the weight which it is necessary to apply in the plane of the muzzle to balance the gun when suspended freely on the axis of the trunnions. The handles of the gun are placed with their centres over the centre of gravity of the piece.
Page 15 - The bottom of the bore is a plane perpendicular to the axis, united with the sides (in profile) by an arc of a circle the radius of which is one-fourth of the diameter of the bore at the bottom. In the columbiads, the heavy seacoast mortars, the stone mortar and the eprouvette, the bottom of the bore is hemispherical.
Page 17 - ... of steel, with which it is connected by a screw, forming a pivot on which the scale can vibrate laterally. This piece of steel terminates in pivots, by means of which the pendulum is supported on the seat attached to the gun, and is at liberty to vibrate in the direction of the axis of the piece. The seat is of metal, and is fastened to the base of the breech by...
Page 22 - ... method, several times repeated, is not successful, unscrew the vent piece, if it be a brass gun, and if an iron one, drill out the spike or drill a new vent. To drive out a Shot wedged in the Bore. — Unscrew the vent piece if there be one, and drive in wedges so as to start the shot forward, then ram it back again in order to seize the wedge with a hook ; or pour in powder and fire it, after replacing the vent piece. In the last resort, bore a hole in the bottom of the breech, drive out the...

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