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User Review  - Pastor Brian -

this is an excellent resource. the quality is of the highest standard and the price is reasonable. i would highly recommend this for any one interested in John Wesley Read full review

User Review  - Jonathan -

I absolutely love these books. They are solidly bound and look as if they will withstand many years of reading and use. The paper is of high quality, and the printing from the 1827 edition issued by ... Read full review

User Review  - Bibleman -

exhaustive. The whole life of John Wesley. I am convinced that if you want to be a real firey methodist all you will need is this volume set - all other "required resources" are academia b/s, so to speak... Read full review

User Review  - Barbara Perkins -

Very pleased with this set. It's actually a Christmas gift for my husband and I KNOW he will love it! It's an excellent value and the service at is wonderful! Read full review

User Review  - Leslie Ephland -

These books are fantastic, especially for the price. I have just received them, and have just begun to read, but John Wesley is a primary source of historical information. Its like being there. Read full review

User Review  - Michael Dockens -

This is a very beautiful set of Wesley's works. The price is ridiculously cheap. I have only started reading volumes 1-2; but I will add that it is amazing to know that this was a real man, with real ... Read full review

User Review  - Stephen Morton -

For the price you couldn't beat it. I am thankful to have these books to study. Even though John Wesley was an arminian, he also exhibited a lot of grace in his writings. Thanks, CBD, good job as usual. Read full review

User Review  - Glenn Holbrook -

I am only in the first volume but I am already hooked on his journals. Read full review

User Review  - Fred HAmmond -

Excellent books for referencing Wesley. It is even a better value because of the price. Read full review

User Review  - Ashley Hamlin -

We are so excited to have these books. Thank you for making them available to us. Read full review

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