The Sorry Tale: A Story of the Time of Christ

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Page 644 - I purchased to be my wife, to raise up the name of the dead upon his inheritance, that the name of the dead be not cut off from among his brethren, and from the gate of his place. Ye are witnesses this day.
Page 53 - into a fleece of wool," ' because of His manhood. For the rain coming down into a 6. Pr.B. fleece of wool, descends noiselessly ; so that, the mystery of His birth being unknown, the wise men said, Where is He who is born King of the Jews ? and Herod, being troubled, Mat. 2, inquired concerning Him who was born, and said, Where is Christ born ? 10. Who is He who comes down ? He says, afterwards, He abideth with the sun and before the moon, for generations P- 71, of generations. And again another...
Page 646 - ... make it unique in Roman annals. But the same authority (CE) speaking of Mary Magdalene says she was "so called either from Magdala or possibly from a Talmudic expression which the Talmud explains as of an adulteress." Another authority (Dictionary o_f the Bible — Scribner's) says that " Lightfoot, following some of the Rabbinical writers, gives a different derivation, according to which the name would mean a plaiter of hair, a phrase sometimes used of a woman of light character.
Page 111 - The morn spread forth, the golden tresses of the sun, and lo, a star still rested upon a cloud bar. And Jerusalem slept. The temples stood whited, and the market's place shewed emptied. Upon the temple's pool the mornsky shewed, and doves bathed within the waters at its edge.
Page 644 - Bible, is said to have been a disease quite different from that modernly known by that name. According to the Levitical text, the features of leprosy were: (i) bright white spots or patches on the skin, the hair on which also was white; (2) the depression of the patches below the level of the surrounding skin; (3) the existence of "quick raw flesh"; (4) the spreading of the scab or scoll (Jewish Encyclopedia).
Page 164 - ... vain through the six hundred and forty closely printed pages of this confused, wandering, sensuous, and wholly unreadable narrative, which purports to tell the life-history of the penitent thief. I quote a single paragraph, snatched at random from the text, which may serve as a sample of the whole: "And within, upon the skins'-pack, sat Samuel, who listed him, and lo, the jaws of him hung ope. And Jacob wailed, and the Jew's tongue of him sounded as the chatter of fowls, and he spake of the fool...
Page 236 - Behold, Jerusalem hath been beset of locusts and desert's fleas! And Jerusalem's men fill upon this! " And they laughed, and went them unto the temple's steps and stood upon their wet, and cried out of the king born of asses, and cast stones up unto the temple's doors. And behold, from out the market's places swept Jews, and beneath beards gleamed steels, and blades cut the air.
Page 572 - And Mary lay the alabaster box upon the floor and oped its pit, and behold, tears fell within it, and she put unto it its cover and gave it unto the hands of Jesus. And He held it up before them that looked and spake: " Her casket of jewels also hath her hands delivered. Behold, the herbs of Heaven shall be refreshed with these.
Page 111 - The hides shewed like unto a beggar's skull, hair fallen off o'er sores. The day had waked the tribes, and narrowed streets shewed bearded men, and asses, packed. The temple priests stood forth upon the stoned steps and blew upon the shell that tribesmen come. From out the pillared place the smoke of incense curled, and within the stone made echo of the...
Page 236 - And his beard hung low upon his breast, and he spake unto the Rome's men: 'The peace of Jehovah be upon you...

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