Bulletin, Issue 51

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Smithsonian Institution Press, 1906 - Science
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Page 6 - P. 1248. An annotated list of batrachians and reptiles collected in the vicinity of La Guaira, Venezuela, with descriptions of two new species of snakes. By Leonhard Stejneger. P. 1249. On a stony meteorite, which fell near Felix, Perry County, Alabama, May 15, 1900.
Page 4 - Report upon the Condition and Progress of the US National Museum during the year ending June 30, 1896.
Page 24 - United States National Museum," by Charles Schuchert, assisted by WH Dall, TW Stanton, and RS Bassler; Bulletin 54, "A Monograph on the Isopods of North America," by Harriet Richardson; Bulletin 55, "A Contribution to the Oceanography of the Pacific," by James M. Flint; Part S of Bulletin 39, entitled "Directions for collecting information and objects illustrating the history of medicine,
Page 14 - A new genus and two new species of crustaceans of the family Albuneidae from the Pacific Ocean ; with remarks on the probable use of the antennulae in Albunea and Lipidopa.
Page 16 - P. 1391. On a collection of fishes made in Korea, by Pierre Louis Jouy, with descriptions of new species. By David S.
Page 6 - Chondrodonta, a New Genus of Ostreiform Mollusks from the Cretaceous, with Descriptions of the Genotype and a...
Page 10 - Descriptions of a new genus and forty-six new species of crustaceans of the family Galatheidae, with a list of the known marine species.
Page 17 - List of fishes collected by Dr. Bashford Dean on the Island of Negros, Philippines. Proc. US Nat. Mus., xxvni, No.
Page 3 - The United States National Museum: An account of the buildings occupied by the national collections.
Page 13 - A New Batrachian and a New Reptile from the Trias of Arizona,

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