The Interior Castle: Or, The Mansions. (Including Some of Her Most Interesting Letters), and

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Page xvii - We are perplexed and confounded, and find no resting-place until we seize the sublime truth, that ' God's ways are not our ways, nor his thoughts our thoughts,' and that all his acts and all his appointments are right.
Page xxix - I began to think of the soul as if it were a castle made of a single diamond or of very clear crystal, in which there are many rooms, just as in Heaven there are many mansions.
Page 263 - Entender vuestra paternidad esto, bastaría á hacerme merced y limosna; pues tan bien entiende lo que hay en él, y el gran trabajo que es, para quien ha vivido una vida harto ruin.
Page 204 - Y estáse el alma por ventura toda junta con Él en las moradas muy cercanas, y el pensamiento en el arrabal del castillo, padeciendo con mil bestias fieras y ponzoñosas, y mereciendo con este padecer; y así, ni nos ha de turbar, ni lo hemos de dejar, que es lo que pretende el demonio.
Page 181 - ... have noticed it. However large a fire may be, the flame never burns downwards, but upwards, and so this movement is seen to come from the centre of the soul whose powers it excites. Indeed, were nothing else gained by this way of prayer but the knowledge of the special care God takes to communicate Himself to us and how He entreats us to abide with Him (for indeed I can describe it in no other way) I think that for the sake of these sweet and penetrating touches of His love all our past pains...
Page 65 - Hence she (the soul) neither sees, nor heeds, nor understands, nor perceives all the time she is in this state, and this time is short ; and, indeed, it seems to her shorter than it is. God so fixes Himself in the interior of this soul, that when she comes to herself she cannot but believe she was in God and that God was in her. The truth is so deeply rooted in her, that though many years may pass away before God bestows the like favour upon her, she never forgets it.
Page 68 - I willingly believe with you if you teach what is good to me.' "I. 'You consider it good to you if I teach what your other masters teach. Say, then, do you believe the body of our Lord Jesus Christ to be in the altar?
Page 263 - Porque sin esta causa, la he tenido de buscar personas semejantes, para asegurar los temores en que mi alma ha vivido algunos años. Y ya que esto no he merecido...
Page 261 - ¡Oh ñudo, que ansí juntáis Dos cosas tan desiguales! No sé por qué os desatáis: Pues atado, fuerza dais, A tener por bien los males. Quien no tiene ser, juntáis Con el ser que no se acaba: Sin acabar, acabáis: Sin tener que amar, amáis: Engrandecéis nuestra nada.
Page 264 - Harto consuelo fuera para mí hallar á vm. en este lugar ; y diera por bien empleado el camino, por gozar de vm. con mas asiento que en Salamanca. No he merecido esta merced de nuestro Señor: sea por siempre bendito. Esta priora se lo ha gozado todo : enfin , es mejor que yo, y harto servidora de vm.

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