Recollections of a Service of Three Years During the War-of-extermination in the Republics of Venezuela and Columbia, Volume 2

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Hunt and Clarke, 1828 - América española
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This is a very interesting book which I had been looking for for several years sincd I read a very poor translation into Spanish in an Argentinean edition containing Books 1 and 2, printed in 1945 and reprinte in Caracas 1n May 1977.
I haven´t been able, though, to find the first part: Book (volume) 1 in your Google Library.
I am, specially, interestedin Book 1 because it may clarify some details that I find doubtful in the Spanish translation. I´ll appreciate your help. Thnk you.
Leopoldo Augusto Taylhardat,

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Page 7 - ... going in search of prey it always swallows a large stone, that it may acquire additional weight to aid it in diving and dragging its victims under water. A traveller being somewhat incredulous on this point, Bolivar, to convince him, shot several with his rifle, and in all of them were found stones varying in weight according to the size of the animal.
Page 177 - ... Llanero cavalry. This is an account of the feat as given by an eye-witness who was attached to the British Legion: "Bolivar stood on the shore gazing at these [the gunboats] in despair, and continued disconsolately parading in front of them, when Paez, who had been on the look out, rode up and inquired the cause of his disquietude. His Excellency observed: 'I would give the world to have possession of the Spanish flotilla, for without it I can never cross the river, and the troops are unable...
Page 82 - em that ; — say, that all Ireland is up in their cause, in consequence of my representations, — tell 'em that" — until the officer getting completely tired, observed, " You must wait till you can tell them /(yourself, General, for I never talked so much before in my life.
Page 266 - The great defect of the constitution, according to the Liberator, was the feebleness of the executive. " We have made the legislative," he complained, "the only sovereign body, whereas it ought to be merely a member of this sovereign. We have subjected to it the executive, and we have given to it a much greater part in the general administration than what our true interest permits. As the climax of error, all the strength has been placed in the will, and all the weakness in the movement and action...
Page 265 - Colombia, who, in the face of hosts of oppressors, breathed only refined honour and virtue, endures with apparent insensibility the national discredit. Colombia, who only thought on painful sacrifices, on eminent services, is now occupied solely with its rights, while it entirely neglects its duties. The nation would have perished, if a remnant of public spirit had not impelled it to call for the remedy, and rescued it on the brink of the grave. A horrible peril would alone have made us think on...
Page 177 - The guard followed him with their lances in their hands, now encouraging their horses to bear up against the current by swimming by their sides and patting their necks, and then shouting to scare away the alligators, of which there were hundreds in the river...
Page 177 - It is impossible," said Bolivar, " and the men must all perish." " Leave that to me," rejoined Paez, and galloped • off. In a few minutes he returned, bringing up his guard of honour, consisting of 300 lancers selected from the main body of the Llaneros, for their proved bravery and strength, and leading them to the bank, thus briefly addressed them: " We must have these flecheras, or die. Let those follow Tio* who please."/.
Page 275 - ... mercantile credit. The national credit had shared the same fate. " Our treasury," said Bolivar, " has, at last, reached the crisis of not being able to redeem our national honour with the generous foreigner who has advanced to us his money, in reliance on our good faith. The army does not receive one half of its pay ; and, with the exception of the employes of the revenue, the rest suffer the greatest misery. Shame stops my pen, and I want the resolution to tell you that the national revenue...
Page 264 - ... which he found himself compelled to give of the state of Colombia, was any thing but flat-, tering to the national vanity. " Colombia," said he, " which was able to raise herself into existence, is now feeble and declining. Identified before with the public good, she no longer conceives her duty to be the only rule of safety. The same men, who, during the struggle, were contented in their poverty, and who did not owe three millions (dollars) to foreigners, have, in order to maintain peace, had...
Page 277 - Give us a government under which law is obeyed, the magistrate is respected, and the people are free; a government which can prevent the transgression of the general will and of the people's commands ... In the name of Colombia, I pray you to give us for the people, for the army, for the judge and for the magistrate an inexorable government.

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