Manual of homoeopathic practice, for the use of families and private individuals

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Rademacher & Sheek, 1855 - Health & Fitness - 831 pages
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Page 617 - ... paroxysms of fury, alternating with convulsions, which are renewed by any pressure on the throat or abdomen, and also by the sight of water ; fiery redness and sparkling of the eyes, which become prominent and frightfully convulsed; spasms in the throat, excited by the pain produced by the act of swallowing, especially fluids ; continual burning, titillation and other irritating sensations in the lower part of the abdomen, &c.
Page 527 - ... grinding of the teeth, loss of consciousness, involuntary and unnoticed emission of the urine, cerebral congestion, deep and lethargic sleep, with stertorous breathing. Ignatia, when the attack is brought on by grief; convulsive movements of the limbs, eyes, muscles of the face and lips, throwing of the head ; retraction of the thumbs, bluish or red face, or red on one cheek and paleness on the other, or redness and paleness alternately, frothing at the mouth, spasms in the throat and larynx,...
Page 359 - The affection is characterised at the commencement, by the appearance of isolated, red-coloured, irregular, circular patches, on which appear numerous small yellowish points or pustules, which do not rise above the level of the skin, and are generally traversed in the centre by a hair. These pustules, which are much more thickly studded in the circumference than the centre of the circular patches, soon break and form thin scabs * Braminghausen's Manual of Homoeopathic Therapeutics.
Page 531 - Pulsatilla, for facial neuralgia when there is a feeling of coldness, and torpor in the affected side of the face, with severe spasmodic pain in the cheek bone, with a sensation of crawling and aggravation or renewal of the suffering in the evening, and when in a state of rest ; also when there are lacrymation, redness of the face, &c.
Page 217 - Ruta, must be borne in mind and administered when called for by the nature of the symptoms. The more immediate indications for Opium are : want of power to relieve the bowels, with a feeling of constriction in...
Page 612 - Society is not at hand) into one nostril, carefully closing the other and the mouth; at the same time drawing downwards, and pushing gently backwards, the upper part of the windpipe, to allow a more free admission of air: blow the bellows gently, in order to inflate the lungs, till the breast be...
Page 287 - Mercuriux, pains under the ribs of a pressive character, which do not allow the patient to lie long on the right side; bitter taste in the mouth; want of appetite; thirst, continued shivering, followed sometimes by clammy perspiration; yellowness of the skin and of the white of the eyes; also in enlargement and hardening of the liver.
Page 234 - ALBUM, should the disease increase notwithstanding the employment of the preceding remedy, and assume the following characteristics : violent vomiting with severe diarrhoea, excessive weakness, and cramps in the calves of the legs ; eyes hollow or sunken, countenance pale, and expressive of acute suffering...
Page 272 - When the itching is caused by piles, swollen, red or bluish tumors at the anus, give the following remedies : Nux vomica, if, besides the itching, there is a burning and pricking sensation, the anus so contracted that the natural evacuations are effected with much difficulty, accompanied by dull shooting pains and jerking in the small of the back and around the anus, when moving; pain in the small of the back as from a bruise, which makes the patient cry out, and bend forward when walking or sitting....
Page 602 - Internal medicines must be judiciously administered at the same time. In the case of a BITE FROM A SERPENT, it will be advisable to take, from time to time, a gulp of salt and water, or a pinch of kitchen salt, or of gunpowder, or else some pieces of garlic. If, notwithstanding this, bad effects manifest themselves, a spoonful of wine or brandy, administered every two or three minutes, will be the most suitable remedy ; and this should be continued until the sufferings are relieved, and repeated...

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