The illustrated national pronouncing dictionary of the English language

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Page 51 - Cabriolet, (kab-re-6 1:0 n. a covered carriage with two or four wheels drawn by one horse.
Page 380 - De gustibus non est disputandum, L. There is no disputing about tastes. Dehors, (de-hor) Fr. Without. Dei gratia, L.
Page 321 - Substitute, (sub'ste-tut) n. one put in place of another; — vt to put in the place of another. — SYN. To change; interchange. Substitution, (sub-ste-tu'shun) n. state of being substituted. Substratum, (sub-stra'tum) n. a layer under something; basis. Substruction, (sub-struk'shun) n. an under-building. [under. Subtend, (sub-tend') vt to extend Subtense, (sub-tens') n. the chord of an arc. [ing beneath. Subterfluent, (sub-ter^flu-ent) a. flowSubterfuge, (sub'ter-fuj) evasion. Subterranean,...
Page 228 - No, (no) ad. a word of denial ; — a. not any ; none. Nobility, (no-bil'e-te) n. dignity of mind; distinction of family or rank; body of nobles. Noble, (no'bl) a dignified from rank, intellect, or character. — SYN: Exalted ; elevated; illustrious; honourable ; ingenuous ; — n. a person of rank. [rank. Nobleman, (no'bl-man) n. a man of Nobleness, (uo'bl-nes) n.
Page 48 - Broad'side, a discharge of all the guns on one side of a ship, above and below, at the same time.
Page 171 - The Ides fell on the 15th of March, May, July, and October, and the 13th of the other months. 3. Domesticam tuam difficultatem. " Your domestic difficulties,
Page 380 - Characters of the drama or play. dulce et decorum est pro patria mori. [L.] It is sweet and glorious to die for one's country. dum spiro, spero. [L.] While I breathe, I hope.
Page 252 - Plat, (plat) vt to interweave ;— n. a level piece of ground. Plate, (plat) n. a flat piece of metal ; wrought silver; a shallow utensil; impression from an engraving; — vt to coat with metal.
Page 377 - Alumni, L. Those who have received their education at a college. A maximis ad minima, L. From the greatest to the least.
Page 41 - Bleat, (blet) vi to cry like a sheep , — n. the cry of a sheep. Bleb, (bleb) n. a little tumour or blister; a bubble. [to let blood. Bleed, (bled) vi \pret. and pp. bled] Bleeding-, (bled'ing) n. letting of blood with the lancet Blemish, (blem'ish) vt to disfigure ; to mark with deformity ; to hurt ;— n.

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