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Good value

User Review  - Eddy -

In the UK this box set is selling for approximately 90 (plus postage). So at $35, inclusive of international postage to the UK, this was the Planet's best deal. However, some of the discs are ... Read full review

As good as expected

User Review  - JP x3 -

The childen enjoy the recordings. Thought the price was higher than I wanted to pay ,it was better than others. We enjoy leasoning while we take trips or work around the house. Read full review

Wonderful performances

User Review  - Stephanie Clark -

As a dramatic performance, these CDs are wonderful. Very high quality recording, music, special effects, and of course acting. I'm a little disappointed in the choice of actor for Aslan. He has to try ... Read full review

User Review  - Thomas Telfer -

Our family has really been enjoying this AudioDrama. I was just a little turned off by the portrayal of Aslan. There was just a bit of a disconnect from what, in my opinion, Lewis depicted in his ... Read full review

Missing portions

User Review  - kent -

My only disappointment was that they left portions of the books out. Read full review

User Review  - Shesha -

Excellent voice casting of the White Witch. Not quite sure I like Aslan's voice. Wonderful dramatization that I will listen to over and over. Read full review

User Review  - Heidi Konig -

Awesome series - a dramatization means I can listen in the car on long road trips! Wonderful idea and really well done. Read full review

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