Select English Works of John Wyclif, Volume 1

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Clarendon Press, 1869 - Sermons

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Page 133 - Ista, fratres, ideo dicuntur sacramenta, quia in eis aliud videtur, aliud intelligitur. Quod videtur, speciem habet corporalem, quod intelligitur fructum habet spiritalem.
Page 67 - Adoun he sette him anoon on his kne. "This sike man wex welneigh wood for ire, He wolde that the frere had ben on fuyre With his fals dissimulacioun. " Such thing as is in my possessioun," Quod he, " that may I geve yow and noon other ; Ye sayn me thus, how that I am your brother." " Ye certes," quod the frere, " trusteth wel ; I took our dame the letter, under oure sel.
Page 265 - Saepe per regnum terrenum coeleste regnum proficit, ut qui intra Ecclesiam positi contra fidem et disciplinam Ecclesiae agunt, rigore principum conterantur ipsamque disciplinam, quam Ecclesiae humilitas exercere non praevalet, cervicibus superborum potestas principalis imponat et ut venerationem mereatur, virtute potestatis impertiat.
Page 127 - Respondeo dicendum quod necesse est ponere in mente divina ideas : idea enim Graece, Latine forma dicitur. Unde per ideas intelliguntur formae aliarum rerum praeter ipsas res existentes. Forma autem alicujus rei praeter ipsam existens, ad duo esse potest ; vel ut sit exemplar ejus cujus dicitur forma, vel ut sit principium cognitionis ipsius, secundum quod formae cognoscibilium dicuntur esse in cognoscente.
Page 265 - Ecclesiam potestatis adeptae culmina tenent, ut per eandem potestatem disciplinam ecclesiasticam muniant. Caeterum intra Ecclesiam potestates necessariae non essent, nisi ut quod non praevalet sacerdos efficere per doctrinae sermonem, potestas hoc imperet per disciplinae terrorem.
Page 265 - I find the ancient doctors of the church pressing much upon the former 'medium,' — That Christ hath specially intrusted his church to Christian princes. For, 21. (6.) Christ shall call Christian kings to account for souls. " Cognoscant principes seculi Deo se debere rationem reddere propter ecclesiam, quam a Christo tuendam suscipiunt. Nam sive augeatur pax et disciplina ecclesiae per fideles principes, sive solvatur, ille ab eis rationem exigit, qui eorum potestati suam ecclesiam credidit...
Page 86 - Jesus shulde helpe j>is feste of • This myth, for it is nothing more, appears in its complete form in De Lyra (Biblia Sacra, Lugduni, 1589). ' Dicitur communiter quod istae nuptiae fuerunt Johannis Evangelistae a quibus eum Christus vocavit ante consummationem matrimonii per copulam carnis.
Page 226 - Thropes and bernes, shepenes and dairies, This maketh that ther ben no faeries: For ther as wont to walken was an elf, Ther walketh now the limitour himself, In undermeles and in morweninges, And sayth his Marines and his holy thinges, As he goth in his limitatioun.
Page 318 - Maries cloister whanne bat she was maad wip childe, so he brak not his modirs wombe whanne he cam out of bis cloister. And so bes just folk bifore God weren betere ban myche wordli peple, kinges or lordis and ladies and wib myche fare of bis eo world ; for bis birbe was glorious, neer be Staat of innocence.
Page 385 - Paul, than whom (besides his abilities in all human learn. ing) there were few greater masters in the Jewish law. 3. This difficulty being cleared, we proceed to a more particular account of our apostle. By some he is thought to have been a Syrian, of a noble extract, and to have derived his pedigree from the Ptolomies of Egypt, upon no other ground, I believe, than the mere analogy and sound of the name.

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