Lives of saints from the Book of Lismore, Part 5

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Whitley Stokes
AMS Press, 1890 - Religion - 411 pages

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Page 350 - Created hugest that swim the ocean stream : Him, haply, slumbering on the Norway foam The pilot of some small night-founder'd skiff Deeming some island, oft, as seamen tell, With fixed anchor in his scaly rind Moors by his side under the lee, while night Invests the sea, and wished morn delays...
Page 190 - Put that water over the house, and over the food, and over the drink of yourselves, and over the bed in the wife's absence'.
Page 297 - Egredere de terra tua, et de cognatione tua, et de domo patris tui, et veni in terram quam monstrabo tibi.
Page 197 - May she break before us (the) battles of every disease! " May she destroy within us our flesh's taxes, The branch with blossoms, the mother of Jesus : The true virgin, dear, with vast dignity; May...
Page 190 - When he had done thus the wife gave exceeding great love to him, so that she could not keep apart from him, even on one side of the house, but she was always at one of his hands. He went one day on a journey, and left the wife asleep. When the woman awoke she rose up lightly, and went after the husband, and saw him afar from her, with an arm ot the sea between them.
Page 185 - She still kept going into her kitchen and bringing half a making thereout and singing a stave of these staves as she went back. If the hampers which the men of Munster possessed had been given to her she would have filled them all. The wizard and his wife marvelled at the miracle which they beheld. Then said the wizard to Brigit: "This butter and the kine which thou hast milked, I offer to thee; and thou shalt not be serving me but serve the Lord." Said Brigit: "Take thou the kine, but give me my...
Page 176 - It is well for us that our roots should go under the ground here.' And he said : ' It is permitted to you, that some one of you should go under the earth here or under the mould of the island to consecrate it.
Page 167 - As if what God would clearly say to Abraham were: 'Shun both in body and in soul henceforward in thy pilgrimage the sins and vices of the country wherein thou hast hitherto dwelt in the body; for it is the same to anyone, as if he were still dwelling in his fatherland, should he copy in his pilgrimage the custom of his fatherland. For it is not by path (of feet) nor by motion of body that one draws nigh to God: but it is by practising virtues and good deeds.
Page 224 - Different, in sooth, was that at which each of them was found, yet all were good. Colomb, son of Crimthann, was found with his hands stretched forth, and his mind contemplative in God, and birds resting on his hands and on his head. When that was told to Finnian, he said : ' The hands of that man,
Page 196 - She was abstinent, she was innocent, she was prayerful, she was patient : she was glad in God's commandments : she was firm, she was humble, she was forgiving, she was loving: she was a consecrated casket for keeping Christ's Body and his Blood : she was a temple of God. Her heart and her mind were a throne of rest for the Holy Ghost. She was simple (towards God) : she was compassionate towards the wretched : she was splendid in miracles and marvels : wherefore her name among created things is Dove...

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