Report, Volume 1

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1882 - Iowa
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Page 8 - The State Board of Health shall have the general supervision of the interests of the health and life of the citizens of the State.
Page 25 - An actionable nuisance is said to be anything wrongfully done or permitted which injures or annoys another in the enjoyment of his legal rights.
Page 72 - Dr. Henry B. Baker, Secretary of the Michigan State Board of Health, a...
Page 46 - State Inspector; but no person shall be eligible for appointment as County Inspector who does not hold a State certificate of competency as mine manager, and the compensation of such County Inspector shall be fixed by the county board at not less than three dollars per day, to be paid out of the county treasury. The State Inspector may authorize any County Inspector in his district to assume and discharge all the duties and exercise all the powers of a State Inspector in the county for which he is...
Page 39 - All discharges should either be received in vessels containing copperas solution, or, when this is impracticable, should be immediately covered with copperas solution. All vessels used about the patient should be cleansed with the same solution. Unnecessary furniture, especially that which is stuffed, carpets and hangings...
Page 18 - State, at least once in each year, to report to the State Board of Health their proceedings, and such other facts required, on blanks and in accordance with instructions received from said State Board. They shall also make special reports whenever required to do so by the State Board of Health.
Page 21 - Rule 1, but sufficient dry earth or coal ashes must be used daily to absorb all the fluid part of the deposit, and the entire contents must be removed monthly.
Page 168 - Treasury, necessary to prevent the introduction of contagious or infectious diseases into the United States...
Page 25 - Such justice shall thereupon issue a warrant, directed to the sheriff or any constable of the county, commanding him to take sufficient aid, and being accompanied by...

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