Roman Conquests: Italy, Volume 1

Front Cover
Pen & Sword Military, 2009 - Italy - 162 pages
The first of the Roman Conquests series, this volume will look at how Rome went from just another Latin town under Etruscan rule, to a free republic that gradually conquered or dominated all her Italian neighbours. With hindsight we know that Rome, which won its independence from the Etruscan kings around 510 BC, went on to conquer the greatest empire yet seen, yet it took three hundred years just to become master of all the peninsula. This involved desperate struggles for survival against their Italian neighbours - Etruscans, Latins, Samnites, Umbrians, Lucanians, the Greek colonies in the south and the ferocious Celts of northern Italy - plus invading armies from further abroad - those of Pyrrhus of Epirus and then the Carthaginian genius, Hannibal. Rome's survival, let alone her eventual greatness, was never a foregone conclusion while such formidable enemies were to be found so close to home. Other Books in the series: - Spain (Paul McDonnell Staff); Greece and Macedon (Philip Matyszak); North Africa (Nic Fields); Asia Minor and Syria (Richard Evans) Gaul; Germany; Britain; The Danube Provinces; The Eastern Frontier AUTHOR: Ross Cowan studied classics at the University of Glasgow, where he also wrote his doctoral thesis on elite units of the Roman Imperial Army. He is the author of books about the Imperial legions and Roman battle tactics, and most recently of For the Glory of Rome, a study of the warrior spirit and ethos of the Roman soldier. SELLING POINTS: * First in an exciting new series detailing Rome's march to imperial glory * Details the series of vicious wars in which the young Roman republic fought first for survival, and then for domination of the whole of Italy. * Shows how the Roman way of warfare adapted to new enemies and overcame them all. * Detailed descriptions of battles against fearsome foes such as the Celts, Samnites, Pyrrhus of Epirus and Hannibal. ILLUSTRATIONS 8 pages of b/w photos

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