Discovery of America by Northmen: Address at the Unveiling of the Statue of Leif Eriksen, Delivered in Faneuil Hall, Oct. 29, 1887

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Houghton, Mifflin and Company, 1838 - America - 113 pages
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Page 97 - There he lay, stretched out, with his eyes open, blowing through his mouth and nose, and mumbling somewhat to himself. They asked him why he had gone there. He answered that it was no business of theirs — that he was old enough to take care of himself without their troubling themselves with his affairs. They asked him to return home with them, which he did. A short time after, a whale was cast ashore, and they all ran down...
Page 105 - So he returned home, but Leif with his companions, thirty-five in all, set sail. (AD 999.) " First they found the land which Biarni had found last. Then sailed they to the land, and cast anchor and put off' a boat and went ashore and saw there no grass. Mickle glaciers were over all the higher parts, but it was like a plain of rock from the glaciers to the sea, and it seemed to them that the land was good for nothing. Then said Leif, ' We have not done about this land like Biarni, not to go upon...
Page 97 - When they had passed beyond Wonderstrand, they put these Scots ashore, and told them to run over the land to the southwest three days, and discover the nature of the land, and then return. They had a kind of garment that they called...
Page 104 - to sail close to the land ; " and so they did, and soon saw that the land was without mountains, and covered with wood, and had small height.
Page 111 - Skraelings saw this they would have that and nothing more. Now this was the way the Skraelings traded : they bore off their wares in their stomachs, but Karlsefne and his companions had their bags and skin wares, and so they parted.
Page 104 - Therefore did they not lower the sails, but held on along this land, and saw that it was an island; again turned they the stern from the land, and sailed out into the sea with the same fair wind; but the breeze freshened, and Bjarni then told them to shorten sail, and not sail faster than their ship and ship's gear could hold out.
Page 91 - Sound, and the adjacent islands. •went on shore at a place where a river poured out of a lake. When the tide rose, they passed up the river into the lake.* Having disembarked, they erected temporary habitations, but determining soon to spend the winter there, they built more permanent dwellings. Both in the river and the lake there was a great abundance of salmon. So great was the goodness of the...
Page 92 - there are two matters now to be attended to, on alternate days — to gather grapes, or better, to cut down vines, and to fell timber, with which we may load the ship.' The task was immediately commenced. It is said that their long boat was filled with grapes. And now, having felled timber to load their ship, and the spring coming on, they made ready for their departure (AD 1001). Leif...
Page 110 - ... both of grapes and of all sorts of game and other things. After the first winter came the summer ; then they saw appear the Skraelings, and there came from out the wood a great number of men. Near by were their neat-cattle ; and the bull took to bellowing [tok at belja], and roared loudly; whereat the Skraelings were frightened, and ran off with their bundles. These were furs, and sable-skins, and skin-wares of all kinds. And they turned towards Karlsefni's booths, and wanted to get into the...
Page 91 - Approaching this, they touched upon an island, lying opposite to the northeasterly part of the main land. They observed the grass covered with dew, which, on being accidentally tasted, they perceived to be strangely sweet.* Returning to their ship, they sailed through a bay, which lay between the island and a promontory running towards the northeast, and, directing their course westward, they passed beyond this promontory.

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