A History of Germany: From the Earliest Period to the Present Time

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Page 3 - ... and more elaborate works connected with the annals of our empire, are nevertheless anxious to have presented to them the means of acquiring an accurate knowledge of the records of our Fatherland, in such a form as to leave upon the mind and heart an enduring, indelible impression.
Page 410 - Frederick displayed a perseverance which left him without a rival, and even in his old ago ho never swerved from the original plan he had laid down and followed from his earliest manhood, for even on the very day before his death he was to be seen occupied with the business of his government. Each hour had its occupation, and the one grand principle which is the soul of all industry, viz., to leave over from to-day nothing for the morrow, passed with Frederick as the inviolaule law of his whole life.
Page 1 - HISTORY OF GERMANY, FROM THE EARLIEST PERIOD TO THE PRESENT TIME. BY FREDERICK KOHLRAUSCH, Chief of the Board of Education for the Kingdom of Hanover^ and late Professor of History in the Polytechnic School. Translated from the last German edition, BY JAMES D. HAAS.
Page 3 - has been to produce a succinct and connected development of the vivid and eventful course of our country's history, written in a style calculated to excite the interest and sympathy of my readers, and of such especially who, not seeking to enter upon a very profound study of the...
Page 369 - Germans were repulsed, when at length, after two hours' fighting, the Prussians * succeeded in mounting the ramparts first, and were soon followed by the others. The confusion of the enemy was greatly increased through their rear line 1 This field is almost identical with that on which the great battle of La Belle Alliance and Waterloo was fought, and the latter name was employed to designate the engagement above referred to more than a century ago.
Page 203 - The prince or knight who easily escaped the judgment of the imperial court, and from behind his fortified walls defied even the emperor himself, trembled when in the silence of the night he heard the voices of the...
Page 302 - ... and having found, after repeated trials, that he could not bring any two of them to go alike, he is said to have exclaimed, " Behold, not even two watches, the work of my own hands, can I bring to agree with each other according to a law ; and yet, fool that I was, I thought that I should be able to govern like the works of a watch so many nations, all living under a different sky, in different climes, and speaking different languages...
Page 3 - Polytechnic School. Translated from the -last German edition, BY JAMES D. HAAS. One elegant 8vo. volume, of 500 pages, with complete Index, $1 50. TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE. The high merits and distinguished character of the original German Work, by Professor Kohlrausch, of which this is a translation, have long been acknowledged.
Page 3 - ... claims to consideration and esteem. The aim of the distinguished author, in this valuable history, is thus simply but distinctly expressed by himself:
Page 4 - ... reality a concise, yet, in every respect, a complete history of Germany. It is important to remark, that Professor Kohlrausch is a Protestant, and one distin...

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