A Second Catalogue of Manuscripts, in Different Languages ...: From the Twelfth to the Eighteenth Century ...

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Ibotson & Palmer, 1837 - Manuscripts - 204 pages

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Page 145 - LORDS. Remembrances for Order and Decency to be kept in the Upper House of Parliament by the Lords when his Majesty is not there, leaving the solemnities belonging to his Majesties coming to be marshalled by those to whom it more properly appertains. MANUSCRIPT, written in 1707, 8vo. in old morocco binding, . 14s.
Page 173 - PARADYSE OF DAYNTY DEVISES, aptly furnished with sundry pithie and learned inventions, devised and written for the most part by M. Edwards, sometimes of Her Maiesties Chappel; the rest by sundry learned Gentlemen, both of honor and woorshippe, viz. S. Barnarde, EO, L. Vaux, DS,
Page 3 - THE BIBLE ... translated according to the Ebrewe and Greeke, and conferred with the best translations in divers languages : with most profitable annotations upon all the harde places, and other thinges of great importance as may appeare in the Epistle to the Reader.
Page 98 - painting and sculpture by the most distinguished artists of the time ; but the death of the Pope prevented, in all probability, the completion of the plan ; and as no such distinct collection has been adverted to in later times, it may justly be conjectured that it has been united with that of the Vatican.
Page 196 - Medals, coins, great seals, impressions, from the elaborate works of Thomas Simon, chief engraver of the Mint to King Charles the 1st, to the Commonwealth, the Lord Protector Cromwell, and in the reign of K. Charles
Page 131 - that the receiving of tonnage and poundage, and other impositions, not granted by Parliament, was a breach of the fundamental liberties of this kingdom, and contrary to his
Page 97 - at Ancona, the appointed place of embarkation, the princes had failed in all their promises of men and money ; and he found only a headlong crowd of adventurers, destitute of every necessary, and expecting to be fed and paid at the Pope's expense.
Page 98 - Roman Pontiffs, which was not to owe its importance to the number, so much as to the value of the books and manuscripts of which it was to be composed. It was also intended that the splendour of this collection should be enhanced by works
Page 169 - translated from the Greek into Latin. This translation is said to be made at Toledo, by Roger de Palermo, a minorite friar, in the thirteenth century. A king of Spain then commanded it to be translated from Latin into Arabic, and sent it as a most valuable present to Emir Elmomenim, lord of Tunis. It was next given to
Page 33 - work is a sort of Chronicle, from the Creation to the end of the Acts of the Apostles, compiled from the Scriptures, the Apocrypha, Josephus, and occasionally from Heathen writers ; mingled with a strange farrago of legendary tales, and fables from traditions of the Church, and

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