Radiography and Radio-therapeutics: Radio-therapeutics

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Macmillan, 1918
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Page 491 - The radium solution from which the emanation was pumped is ever giving a fresh supply ; the curve showing the rate of growth is the complement of the one just discussed. We can say, therefore, that after 3-8 days half the maximum supply is available ; it is evidently more economical to pump the gas off every four days, provided that will give sufficient for our purpose, than to wait a month till the maximum is reached. In practice, only about 75 to 80 per cent of the emanation may be obtained from...
Page 596 - It is that emf. which will cause a current of 1 ampere to flow through a resistance of 1 ohm. The relation* between electromotive force, current, and resistance is called Ohm's law.
Page 388 - Immature cells and cells in an active state of division are more sensitive to the X-rays than are cells which have already acquired their fixed adult morphological or physiological characters.
Page 429 - ... many sittings with short exposures are to be given, it is convenient to use more than one strip ; one is left to record the total sum, and of the other, parts are cut off from time to time to make test developments. ROENTGENOTHERAPY mediately entered into the case book, where also the strip is stuck when it has been washed and dried. Development. — In order to find out the quantity of roentgen rays which has been administered, the strip has to be developed. The developer consists of two stock...
Page 594 - Induction Coil. An apparatus consisting of two associated coils of insulated wire employed for the production of currents by mutual induction.
Page 476 - An affection characterized by persistent increase in the white blood-corpuscles, associated with changes, either alone or together, in the spleen, lymphatic glands, or bone marrow.
Page 595 - Ohm's law states that the current varies directly as the EMF and inversely as the resistance, or /= If Compare this electrical action with the hydrostatic analogy of Fig.
Page 409 - Bauer's Qualimeter. — The instrument is suspended from the wall of the protective house or protective screen, and indicates the hardness of the focus tube on a scale. It does not depend, as in other scales, on the comparison of different tints. This instrument is connected by a wire to the negative terminal of the coil or the cathode of the tube. It is a static electrometer and condenser which indicates automatically the potential of the cathode, and hence the quality of the X-rays. The apparatus...
Page 594 - DYNE: The unit of force, ie the force which , if it acted for one second on a mass of 1 gram, would, if the mass were previously at rest, give it a velocity of 1 centimetre per second.
Page 578 - There are four characteristic symptoms of the disease : exophthalmos, tachycardia, enlargement of the thyroid, and tremor. Tachycardia.

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