The Present State of Europe, Volume 14

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Printed for H. Rhodes., 1703 - Europe

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Page 293 - forasmuch as this kingdom of Ireland is annexed and united to the imperial crown of England, and by the laws and statutes of this kingdom (Ireland) is declared to be justly and rightfully belonging and ever united to the same'.
Page 218 - A Vindication of the Memory of the late excellent and charitable Mr. Thomas Firmin from the injurious Inflections of Mr.
Page 94 - Years. Shewing that they are capable at the Age of Three years, to be caused to learn languages and Most Arts and Sciences; which if observ'd by Parents, would be of a greater value than a thousand pounds Portion.
Page 2 - Hanging so many in the West, with the Lives, Characters, and Dying Speeches of the many Hundreds that were converted by his Lordship's sentence. Also, an Answer to the Panegyric on the late Lord Jeffreys, 1701.
Page 370 - Houshold, lighted him to the stair-head, where the Queen received him : and after he had made his compliment to her Majesty, acknowledging his great obligations to her for her generous Protection and Assistance, he led her Majesty into her bed-chamber, and after a short stay there, his Royal Highness conducted his Catholick Majesty to the apartment prepared for him. He supped that night with the Queen who gave his...
Page 94 - Spy, who lived five and forty Years undifcovered at Paris : Giving an impartial Account to the Divan at...
Page 335 - ... goodness being extended towards us in such prudent and gracious methods as may afford us relief according to the exigency of our condition, and by restoring us to a full enjoyment of our constitution, or by promoting a more firm and strict union with your Majesty's subjects of England, which will be to the advantage of that kingdom, nothing being a more certain truth than that whatever riches the people of Ireland can acquire must at last necessarily centre in the seat of the government. . ....
Page 332 - Houfe hath of the Calamity fallen upon the Kingdom by the late violent Storm...
Page 2 - Composed according to the doctrine of the circulation of the blood, and other new inventions of the moderns. Together with a treatise of the plague, illustrated with observations.
Page 338 - ... to devote a few spare hours to the perusal of the Faerie Queene, which has not met the attention which it really deserves. ART. IX. — The Life of Mr. Thomas Firmin, late Citizen of London. Written by one of his most intimate Acquaintance. With a Sermon on Luke x. 36, 37, preached on the Occasion of his Death. Together with an Account of his Religion, and of the present State of the Unitarian Controversy.

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