The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, Volume 46

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Historical Society of Pennsylvania., 1922 - Pennsylvania
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Page 94 - Do we want to contemplate His power ? We see it in the immensity of the creation. Do we want to contemplate His wisdom? We see it in the unchangeable order by which the incomprehensible Whole is governed. Do we want to contemplate His munificence? We see it in the abundance with which He fills the earth. Do we want to contemplate His mercy? We see it in His not withholding that abundance even from the unthankful.
Page 93 - I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life. I believe in the equality of man, and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavoring to make our fellow-creatures happy.
Page 86 - ... not being able any longer to live happily or safely under the cruel disposition of the British court, we had been driven to the necessity of breaking off all connections with her ; at the same time, assuring all such courts of our peaceable disposition towards them, and of our desire of entering into trade with them...
Page 213 - A finer sight could not have been beheld, — the shining barrels of the muskets, the excellent order of the men, the cleanliness of their appearance, the joy depicted on every face at being so near Fort du Quesne — the highest object of their wishes. The music re-echoed through the hills. How brilliant the morning — how melancholy the evening ! " — Letter of Judgt Yeates, dated August, 1776.
Page 142 - Apennine ascends, Bright as the summer, Italy extends ; Its uplands sloping deck the mountain's side, Woods over woods in gay theatric pride ; * While oft some temple's mouldering tops between With venerable grandeur mark the scene.
Page 94 - It is an ever-existing original, which every man can read. It cannot be forged ; it cannot be counterfeited ; it cannot be lost; it cannot be altered ; it cannot be suppressed. It does not depend upon the will of man whether it shall be published or not ; it publishes itself from one end of the earth to the other. It- preaches to all nations and to all worlds ; ami this word of God reveals to man all that is necessary for man to know of God.
Page 250 - Our articles of agreement obliged every member to keep always in good order, and fit for use, a certain number of leather buckets, with strong bags and baskets (for packing and transporting of goods), which were to be brought to every fire ; and we agreed to meet once a month...
Page 97 - A more beautiful or precious morsel of ethics I have never seen; it is a document in proof that I am a real Christian, that is to say, a disciple of the doctrines of Jesus...
Page 86 - Were a manifesto to be published and dispatched to foreign Courts, setting forth the miseries we have endured, and the peaceable methods we have ineffectually used for redress, declaring at the same time, that not being able any longer to live happily or safely, under the cruel disposition of the British Court, we had been driven to the necessity of breaking off all...
Page 184 - Lands to you, for they were then theirs; but since that Time we have conquered them, and their Country now belongs to us...

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