The Arabs in Spain: An Historical Narrative, Volum 1

E. Churton, 1840

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Pàgina 62 - He, whom the mind alone can perceive, whose essence eludes the external organs, who has no visible parts, who exists from eternity, even he, the soul of all beings, whom no being can comprehend, shone forth in person.
Pàgina 71 - Veda, prove the author to have adored (not the visible material sun, but) that divine and incomparably greater light, to use the words of the most venerable text in the Indian scripture, which illumines all, delights all, from which all proceed, to which all must return, and which alone can irradiate (not our visual organs merely, but our souls and) our intellects.
Pàgina 65 - Having divided his own substance, the mighty ' Power became half male, half female, or nature active ' and passive ; and from that female he produced VIRA'J : 33.
Pàgina 64 - From that which is, the first cause, not the object of sense, existing everywhere in substance, not existing to our perception, without beginning or end, was produced the divine male, famed in all worlds under the appellation of Brahma.
Pàgina 89 - The true principles of the brotherhood of man are the fundamental principles of the order — ,Do unto others as you would they should do unto you,
Pàgina 46 - His real merit is doubtless enhanced by the barbarism of the nation and the times from which he emerged : but the apparent magnitude of an object is likewise enlarged by an unequal comparison ; and the ruins of Palmyra derive a casual splendour from the nakedness of the surrounding desert.
Pàgina 259 - I must request, that, in bestowing these praises on the writings of Asia, I may not be thought to derogate from the merit of the Greek and Latin poems, which have...
Pàgina 63 - The seed became an egg bright as gold, blazing like the luminary with a thousand beams, and in that egg he was born himself, in the form of Brahma, the great forefather of all spirits. " The waters are called Nara, because they were the production of Nara, or the spirit of God ; and hence they were his first ayana, or place of motion ; he hence is named Nara yana, or moving on the waters.
Pàgina 64 - In that egg the great power sat inactive a whole year of the Creator, at the close of which by his thought alone he caused the egg to divide itself...
Pàgina 259 - ... a new and ample field would be opened for speculation; we should have a more extensive insight into the history of the human mind ; we should be furnished with a new set of images and similitudes; and a number of excellent compositions would be brought to light, which future scholars might explain, and future poets might imitate.'* After Harrow, a tutorship to Lord Althorp had given Jones the means to enter University College, Oxford.

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