THE BLIND WATCHMAKER: Why The Evidence Of Evolution Reveals A Universe Without Design

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A zoologist/author (The Selfish Gene) defends Darwin with passion and elegance, but fails to wholly persuade. Troubled by the persistent resistance to orthodox Darwinism from creationists, revisionist scientists, and the general public, Dawkins sets out to show how Darwin provided "the only known theory that could, in principle, solve the mystery of our existence." He begins by identifying three ... Read full review

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I'm a theistic evolutionist and a fundamentalist christian, yet though I must admit, for all my disagreements with Dawkins, he writes science very, very well. He doesn't understand much philosophy, yet he certainly understands Biology. There are certainly drawbacks, yet there are with every work of science 

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Richard Dawkins Blind Watchmaker
clearly shows the use of a very
convincing logic to those not used
to thinking much, nor used to the
art of the meaning of words, much
less used to analyzing clearly a
situation !
Nature's beings clearly do have a
reason to be alive and survive !
Otherwise they would not be !
But we do not know it nor do they !
To delegate this as being only
circumstantially "blind" in it's
origin, is really ignoring all or
most the underlying problems !
My logic is superior and complete,
and in constant development !:
ThePureLogic, and Book of Pure Logic
at .
George F. Thomson

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Dr. Dawkins does a great job of describing and explaining the truth about natural selection. Dr. Dawkins mixes logical arguments, science, archelogical facts, and his passion for truth to dispell the creationist theory of Intelligent Design. At times some of the some concepts can be tedious when read by an evolutionist, but quite compelling to a novice. 

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