Some Account of the Life and Services of William Blount: An Officer of the Revolutionary Army, Member of the Continental Congress, and of the Convention which Framed the Constitution of the United States, Also Governor of the Territory South of the Ohio River, and Senator in Congress U.S. 1783-1797

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E. J. Gray, 1884 - Tennessee - 142 pages
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Page 88 - It is likewise agreed that the two contracting parties shall, by all the means in their power, maintain peace and harmony among the several Indian nations who inhabit the lands adjacent to the lines and rivers which form the boundaries of the two countries...
Page 17 - The committee to whom was referred that part of the President's message which relates to a letter purporting to have been written by William Blount...
Page 91 - And the House of Representatives, by protestation, saving to themselves the liberty of exhibiting at any time hereafter any further articles or other accusation, or impeachment against the said...
Page 15 - Cherokees. Can't Rogers contrive to get the Creeks to desire the President to take Hawkins out of the Nation? for if he stays in the Creek Nation, •and gets the good will of the Nation, he can and will do great injury to our plan. " When you have read this letter over three times, then burn it. I shall be in Knoxville in July or August, when I will send for Watts and give him the whiskey I promised him.
Page 23 - States, appointed to prepare and report articles of impeachment against William Blount, a senator of the United States, impeached of high crimes and misdemeanors.
Page 15 - Philadelphia, and received as much as five thousand dollars a year to be paid to the Nation over and above the first price ; indeed it may with truth be said that though I made the treaty, that I made it by the instructions of the President, and in fact, it may with truth be said that I was by the President instructed to purchase much more land than the Indians would agree to sell.
Page 23 - That a committee be appointed to prepare and report articles of impeachment against WILLIAM BLOUNT, a Senator of the United States, impeached by this House of high crimes and misdemeanors; and that the said committee have power to send for persons, papers, and records.
Page 18 - But, when they consider his attempts to seduce Carey from his duty, as a faithful interpreter, and to employ him as an engine to alienate the affections and confidence of the Indians, from the public officers of the United States residing ] among them...
Page 16 - States, of high crimes and misdemeanors in office ; and we further inform the Senate that the House of Representatives will in due time exhibit particular articles of impeachment against him, and make good the same...
Page 88 - States, to cause them to be furnished with useful domestic animals, and implements of husbandry, and with goods or money, as he shall judge proper, and to appoint such persons, from time to time, as temporary agents, to reside among the Indians...

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