A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer, Volume 5

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Page 226 - and so irregularly, that he gave it the name of the Crooked Falls. From the southern shore it extends obliquely upwards, about 150 yards. and then forms an acute angle downwards, nearly to the commencement of four small islands close to the northern side. From the perpendicular pitch to these islands, a distance of more
Page 216 - to SSW. The most elevated of these enormous masses is the great volcano of Jorullo. It is continually burning, and has thrown up from its north side an immense quantity of scorified and basaltic lavas, containing fragments of primitive rocks. These great eruptions of the central volcano continued till the month of February,
Page 27 - the south by two ridges of high land 15 miles in breadth ; but taking into account a chain of fresh water lakes, which occupied the valleys between, the dry land which actually separates the two oceans, is only five miles. This extraordinary isthmus was subsequently visited by
Page 153 - broker makes the bargain, and, with the connivance of the European, receives a certain part only of the payment, which he gives to his employer as the whole : the remainder (which is very truly called the cheating money) he receives when the Feloop is gone, and appropriates to himself as a reward for his trouble. The
Page 219 - They bear the general features of those aborigines who have been found in all parts of North and South America : they have the same swarthy or copper colour, the flat and smooth hair, small beard, squat body, long eye (with the corner
Page 144 - at the end farthest from the entrance, and occupying the whole width of the chamber. It resembles a wide bench or seat, and is about breast high : it is constructed of brick and mud ; the roof arched within, and flat on the top. The
Page 146 - would cause the exact image of the person who had committed the thefts to appear to any youth not arrived at the age of puberty ; and desired the master of the house to call in any boy whom he might choose. As several boys were then employed in
Page 145 - my curiosity was excited on the subject of magic by a circumstance related to me by Mr. Salt, our consul-general. Having had reason to believe that one of his servants was a thief, from the fact of several articles of property having been stolen from his house,
Page 25 - miles from me, no difficulties, dangers, or discouraging circumstances, should have prevailed on me to return ; but taking into account the uncertainty of all voyages in a sea obstructed by ice, I had no right to expect that the Blossom had advanced beyond Kotzebue Inlet, or that any party from her had doubled Icy Cape.
Page 225 - we followed our guide down the sides of the last elevation, with the expectation of momentarily reaching the goal of our journey. What had been long sought, at last appeared suddenly. On turning out of a thicket into a small weedy opening, the cheering sight of a transparent body

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