Life of the Right Reverned John Barrett Kerfoot, First Bishop of Pittsburgh: With Selections from His Diaries and Correspondence, Volume 1

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J. Pott & Company, 1886
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Page 223 - Secession ! Peaceable secession ! Sir, your eyes and mine are never destined to see that miracle. The dismemberment of this vast country without convulsion ! The breaking up of the fountains of the great deep without ruffling the surface ! Who is so foolish— I beg everybody's pardon — as to expect to see any such thing?
Page 223 - Why, Sir, our ancestors, our fathers and our grandfathers, those of them that are yet living amongst us with prolonged lives, would rebuke and reproach us; and our children and our grandchildren would cry out shame upon us, if we of this generation should dishonor these ensigns of the power of the government and the harmony of that Union which is every day felt among us with so much joy and gratitude.
Page 297 - I therefore go, and join head, heart, and hand, Active and firm, to fight the bloodless fight Of Science, Freedom, and the Truth in Christ.
Page 326 - There is neither speech nor language : but their voices are heard among them. Their sound is gone out into all lands : and their words into the ends of the world.
Page 225 - But, as the British Constitution is the most subtle organism which has proceeded from the womb and the long gestation of progressive history, so the American Constitution is, so far as I can see, the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man.
Page 225 - ... the American Constitution is, so far as I can see, the most wonderful work ever struck off at a given time by the brain and purpose of man. It has had a century of trial, under the pressure of exigencies caused by an expansion unexampled in point of rapidity and range : and its exemption from formal change, though not entire, has certainly proved the sagacity of the constructors, and the stubborn strength of the fabric.
Page 223 - Where is the flag of the Republic to remain ? Where is the eagle still to tower ? or is he to cower, and shrink and fall to the ground...
Page 28 - Praise the Lord, O my soul : and all that is within me praise his holy Name.
Page 350 - Thy sheltering side we flee. For all the ills this day hath done, Let our bitter sorrow plead, And keep us from the wicked one, When ourselves we cannot heed. Ravening he prowls Thy fold around, In his watchful circuitings : Father, this night let us be found 'Neath the shadow of Thy wings. O when shall that Thy day have come, Day ne'er sinking to the west ; That country and that holy home, Where no foe shall break our rest. Now to the Father and the Son We our feeble voice would raise, With Holy...
Page 228 - O ! who can hold a fire in his hand By thinking on the frosty Caucasus? Or cloy the hungry edge of appetite By bare imagination of a feast?

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