Archives of Neurology and Psychopathology, Volume 2, Issues 1-2

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State Hospitals Press, 1899 - Insanity
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Page 283 - 97. Lectures on the Sympathetic Nervous System. Journ. Comp. Neural., VII, 2. HUBER, G. CARL AND DEWITT, LYDIA MA '98. A Contribution on the Motor Nerve-Endings and on the Nerve-Endings in the Muscle Spindles.
Page 19 - Room at the Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Mass., in the summer of...
Page 281 - The." Lateral Sense Organs of Elasmobranchs. II. The Sensory Canals of the Common Skate (Raja batis). Trans.
Page 283 - 92. Text-book of the Embryology of Man and Mammals. Translated from the third German edition by EL Mark. London. HOLM, JOHN F. '94. The Development of the Olfactory Organ in the Teleostei.
Page 17 - The fibers of a single system may appear in a large number of nerves repeated more or less uniformly in a metameric way (as in the general cutaneous system of the spinal nerves), or they may all be concentrated into a single nerve (as in the optic nerve).
Page 168 - Stannius' branch i of selachians. It is not properly the homologue of the chorda tympani of mammals, for it does not conform to the third criterion mentioned above. That is, it does not fuse with the r. mandibularis V and hence it does not distribute to the hyoid and mandibular arches in the way characteristic of the mammals. Cole, in his discussion of the chorda already referred to ('g6a, p.
Page 15 - J. Herrick, who truly remarks : " Until each component can be isolated and treated as a morphological unit, and then unravelled in its peripheral courses through the various nerve roots and rami — until this is possible, no further great advances in cranial nerve morphology can be looked for even among the lower vertebrates, still less in man.
Page 284 - 98. The Functions of the Ear and the Lateral Line in Fishes. Amer. Jour. Physiol., Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 128-144. Locy, WA "97. Accessory Optic Vesicles in the Chick Embryo. Anat. Anz., Bd. 14, No. 5, pp. 113-124. Lyon, EP :05.
Page 238 - Deyl ('95) that it is derived from a cylindrical nerve by the intrusion of connective tissue septa.
Page 284 - LANGLEY, JN, AND ANDERSON, HK 1892 The action of nicotin on the ciliary ganglion and on the endings of the third cranial nerve.

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