Plays: The wives excuse. The maid's last prayer. The fatal marriage. Oroonoko

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T. Evans and T. Becket, 1774
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Page 250 - Elbow. : What will this battle of the brain do with me ! This little ball, this ravag'd province, long Cannot maintain — The globe of earth wants room And food for such a war— I find I'm going . > Famine, plagues, and flames, Wide waste and desolation, do your work Upon the world, and then devour yourselves.
Page 248 - Isabella Oh ! my wife no more ! How dear her love was to me — Yet they stood, With a malicious silent joy, stood by, And saw her give up all my happiness, The treasure of her beauty to another ;
Page 253 - ISA. Swear I am innocent, and I'll believe you. What would you have with me ? Pray let me go. — Are you there, sir? You are the very man Have done all this. — You would have made Me believe you married me ; but the...
Page 262 - I die in peace, to leave him to your care. I have a wretched mother's legacy, A dying kiss — pray, let me give it him, My blessing; that, that's all I have to leave thee.
Page 246 - I have life, still I must call you mine : I know I am, and always was, unworthy To be the happy partner of your love ; And now must never, never share it more. But oh ! if ever I was dear to you, As sometimes you have thought me...
Page 325 - Sirrah, sirrah, meddle with your wife's petticoats, and let your mother's alone, you ungracious bird, you. [Beats him. Dan. Why, is the Devil in the woman? what have I said now? Do you know, if you were asked, I trow?
Page 242 - I was preserved, but to be made a slave ; I often writ to my hard father, but never had An answer; I writ to thee too Isa. What a world of woe Had been prevented but in hearing from you ! Bir. Alas ! thou couldst not help me.
Page 239 - ... any body at this time of night, that she does not know; and by your dress and appearance, I am sure, you must be a stranger to her. Bir. But I have business ; and you don't know how that may please her. Samp. Nay, if you have business, she is the best judge whether your business will please her or no : therefore I will proceed in my office, and know of my lady whether or no she is pleased to be at home or no— [Going.
Page 241 - Where have I been ! Why do you keep him from me ? I know his voice : my life upon the wing...
Page 198 - This Biron, without asking the advice of his friends, hand over head, as young men will have their vagaries, not having the fear of his father before his eyes, as I may say, willfully marries this Isabella.

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