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I've been a fan of Moore's for a while now, having read Bloodsucking Fiends, The Stupidest Angel and, my favorite, Lamb. While I was in the States, I noticed that his earlier books had been reprinted in new editions, so I thought I'd pick up the one that started it all - Practical Demonkeeping.
This is where Moore introduced his recurring locale of Pine Cove, a small tourist trap on the Southern California coast. And a place where, from time to time, weird things happen. In this case, it is the appearance of a disgraced Djinn, who is looking to stop a millennia-old demon from wreaking havok, which is what demons love to do.
In this case, though, the demon has a companion - a hundred year-old would-be priest who really isn't happy about their little relationship. He the is the master of the Demon, and would love to find a way to send it back to the hell that spawned it. And his quest, naturally, brings ihs to Pine Cove.
Moore has a very strange sense of humor, one that works very well with me. One minute you're snickering and having a great time with the absurdity of the story, and then WHAM - you're hit with someone's parents being devoured, or an abusive husband, or the loss of a beloved husband. Moore blends the serious and the ridiculous very easily.
My only complaint about Moore - which has held pretty true through all the books I've read so far - is that I don't really like his endings. They tend to come way too fast, spoiling what was otherwise a well-paced narrative. I also picked up his newest book, A Dirty Job - let's see how he's improved....

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