Modern India and the Indians: Being a Series of Impressions, Notes, and Essays

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Trübner and Company, 1878 - India - 244 pages

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Page 233 - Foundation for true interpreting, when he learned from it that, " in every nation, he that feareth God and worketh righteousness, is accepted with Him.
Page 238 - They one and all believe in the unity of the Godhead, and although they hold images in high veneration, yet they are by no means idolaters, as the ignorant suppose.
Page 62 - Our Prophet, Zoroaster, who lived 6,000 years ago, taught us to regard the elements as symbols of the Deity. Earth, fire, water, he said, ought never, under any circumstances, to be defiled by contact with putrefying flesh. Naked, he said, we came into the world, and naked we ought to leave it. But the decaying particles of our bodies should be dissipated as rapidly as possible, and in such a way that neither Mother Earth nor the beings she supports should be contaminated in the slightest degree....
Page 234 - Wherefore, if meat make my brother to offend, I will eat no flesh while the world standeth, lest I make my brother to offend.
Page 218 - Islam has, and when the walls of the mighty fortress of Brahmanism are encircled, undermined, and finally stormed by the soldiers of the Cross, the victory of Christianity must be signal and complete.
Page 205 - Countless from his abode — for ever traversing This world and scanning with a thousand eyes its inmates. Whate'er exists within this earth, and all within the sky, Yea all that is beyond, King Varuna perceives. The winkings of men's eyes are numbered all by him. He wields the universe, as gamesters handle dice.
Page 238 - The Hindus are religious, affable, cheerful, lovers of justice, given to retirement, able in business, admirers of truth, grateful and of unbounded fidelity ; and their soldiers know not what it is to fly from the field of battle.:]: And even in quite modern times the Mohammedans seem willing to admit that the Hindus, at.
Page 171 - Each circle of open stone coffins is divided from the next by a pathway, so that there are three circular pathways, the last encircling the central well, and these three pathways are crossed by another pathway conducting from the solitary door which admits the corpse-bearers from the exterior. In the outermost circle of the stone coffins are placed the bodies of males, in the middle those of females, and in the inner and smallest circle, nearest the well, those of children. " While I was engaged...
Page 58 - Though wholly destitute of ornament, and even of the simplest moulding, the parapet of each tower possesses an extraordinary coping, which instantly attracts and fascinates the gaze. It is a coping formed, not of dead stone, but of living vultures. These birds, on the occasion of my visit, had settled themselves side by side in perfect order and in a...
Page 187 - is meant a system of worship which confines our ideas of the Deity to a mere image of clay or stone, which prevents our hearts from being expanded and elevated with lofty notions of the attributes of God, if this is what is meant by idolatry, we disclaim idolatry, we abhor idolatry, and deplore the ignorance...

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