Editorial Review - Kirkus - Jane Doe

Gruen (Riding Lesson, not reviewed) brings to life the world of a Depression-era traveling circus.Jacob Jankowski, a retired veterinarian living out his days in an assisted-living facility, drifts in and out of his memories: Only days before graduating from vet school in 1931, young Jake learns his parents have died and left him penniless. Leaving school, he hops a train that happens to belong to ... Read full review

Review: Water for Elephants

Editorial Review - - Jennifer Krieger

Jacob Jankowski is pushing 90 and wallowing in a nursing home, abandoned by his family and surrounded by aged octogenarians who irk him with their senility. He has few pleasures in life an astute and friendly nurse named Rosemary and his vibrant memories. As Jacob lies in his bed, drifting in and out of sleep, lucidness and dreams, the compelling story of his experiences as a young man unfolds in ... Read full review

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Wow, wonderful!
This is an amazing book!

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An easy read. Gives a good view into the circus world and lifestyle.

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Simply not worth the time in any capacity. Not even worth a detailed review.

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Man, what a great read! I could not put it down (Well, I actually had to a few times - pesky things like work, etc). Really connected with Jacob Jankowski, and felt like I had a front row seat to this fascinating, sometimes gruesome and cruel life. Toward the end of the book Jacob says "I remember it like yesterday, Hell, I remember it BETTER than yesterday." Jacob, as an old man, is hilarious. Entirely believable. I really enjoyed the book. Thanks for writing it. 

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I thank Sara Gruen for writing this book. It was really captivating and extremely compelling. I honestly loved this book and the movie as well. Water for Elephants made me love elephants and encourages me to see a circus one day! If you're into a book with a good plot, I suggest you read this book.  

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Fast read. Lots of detail which I love. Very sorry that the vampire boy from Twilight ruined the film version of this.

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loved this book!

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Compelling read. A larger-than-life storyline and well drawn characters move the novel forward.

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